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    Copper Tungsten Alloy

    Description of Copper Tungsten Alloy:

    Copper tungsten Alloy (W-Cu), also called tungsten copper alloy, is the composite of tungsten and copper which own it excellent performance of tungsten and copper. It is used widely in such industries as engine, electric power, electron, metallurgy, spaceflight and aviation.
    Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals’ copper tungsten alloys are commonly used in EDM electrodes and other electrical and electrical/thermal applications. They are also used for facing and inserts for flash and butt welding dies, projection welding electrodes, seam welding bearing inserts and facing for electro-forming and electro-forging dies. Although they are somewhat more difficult to machine, tungsten carbide copper materials provide high mechanical properties and excellent resistance to erosion. They are commonly used in oil devices to protect the contact from oxidation.
    The manufacturing process of Copper Tungsten Alloy is as follows:
    press the refractory metal, sinter the pressed compact at a high temperature, and infiltrate it with copper. All this is done under very closely controlled conditions. The result is a relatively hard material with superior arc and wear resistance, high physical Properties: at elevated temperatures, and good electrical and thermal conductivity.
  • Typical Properties of Copper Tungsten Alloy:

    Type Density (g/cc) Resistivity Conductivity Hardness Bending Strength (MPa≥)
    (HB Kgf/mm2 ≥)
        (20°C, µΩ·cm, ≤) (IACS%, ≥)    
    CuW50 11.85 3.2 54 115
    CuW55 12.3 3.5 49 125
    CuW60 12.75 3.7 47 140
    CuW65 13.3 3.9 44 155
    CuW70 13.8 4.1 42 175 790
    CuW75 14.5 4.5 38 195 885
    CuW80 15.15 5 34 220 980
    CuW85 15.9 5.7 30 240 1080
    CuW90 16.75 6.5 27 260 1160

    Advantages of Copper Tungsten Alloy:

    1. High arc resistance combined with good electrical conductivity
    2. High thermal conductivity
    3. Low thermal expansion

    Application of Copper Tungsten Alloy:

    1. Arcing contacts and vacuum contacts in high and medium voltage breakers or vacuum interrupters
    2. Electrodes in electric spark erosion cutting machines
    3. Heat sinks as passive cooling elements of electronic devices and Electronic packaging materials
    4. Electrodes for resistance welding
    5. Electrical discharge machining
    6. Electro-chemical machining

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