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    Rhenium Wire

    Rhenium Wire
  • Rhenium Wire
  • Rhenium Wire

    Rhenium Wire is used to manufacture filaments for mass spectrometers and ion gauges as well as medical applications. Rhenium has the third-highest melting point and highest boiling point of any element. The major use of Rhenium is for jet engine and chemical industry's catalytic uses being next-most important.
    We provide a wide range of wire products to serve applications in major electronics products, thermocouples, high temperature furnace parts, and welding requirements. Our Rhenium Wire is 99.99% pure and has high strength and excellent ductility. Molybdenum-47.5%-Rhenium Wire is used in welding, electronics and wire mesh grids for the space industries. Tungsten-Rhenium Wire is a staple in thermocouples and electronics products. Tungsten Wire, with its very high tensile strength even at a very small diameter, is widely used for thermocouples, electronic devices, and lighting. Rhenium Wire compositions are available in a full range of sizes (as small as .008”) to meet your requirements.

    Rhenium Wire Dimension

    Dimension Range, mm
    Diameter 0.02~1
    Length >50

    Rhenium Wire Specifications

    Material Purity
    Rhenium Wire .005" 4N
    Rhenium Wire .006" 4N
    Rhenium Wire .007" 4N
    Rhenium Wire .008" 4N
    Rhenium Wire .010" 4N
    Rhenium Wire .012" 4N
    Rhenium Wire .015" 4N
    Rhenium Wire .018" 4N
    Rhenium Wire .020" 4N
    Rhenium Wire .025" 4N
    Rhenium Wire .030" 4N
    Rhenium Wire .035" 4N
    Rhenium Wire .040" 4N
    Rhenium Wire .050" 4N
    Wire is spooled to order and sold by the foot or meter.Call or email for additional diameters or custom sizes.

    Chemical Composition of Rhenium Wire

    Main content:Re 99.95% min(excluding gas elements)
    Maximum trace metallic impurities,analysed by ICP-MS
    Na 0.00% Ti 0.00% Cu 0.00% Sb 0.00%
    Mg 0.00% V 0.00% Zn 0.00% Ta 0.00%
    Al 0.00% Cr 0.00% As 0.00% W 0.00%
    Si 0.00% Mn 0.00% Zr 0.00% Pb 0.00%
    P 0.00% Fe 0.00% Mo 0.00% Bi 0.00%
    K 0.00% Co 0.00% Cd 0.00% Se 0.00%
    Ca 0.00% Ni 0.00% Sn 0.00% Tl 0.00%
    Maximum gas elements,analysed by LECO

    Rhenium Flat Wire

    One of the few producers with this capability, we are proud to offer the following flat wire products.

    Types of Flat Wire
    - Rolled  (can be produced as thin as .004" with a standard tolerance of .0004")
    - Drawn
    - Etched

    Secondary Operations
    - Etching
    - Ultrasonic Cleaning

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