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    Chromium Carbide powder


    Chromium carbide is gray powder with rhombic system structure,which is undissoluble in water and resistant to acid and alkali .It is high melting-point inorganic material with wear resistance,corrosion resistance and resistance to oxidation at elevated temperature(1000~ 1100ºC), Cr3C2 cermet has excellent resistance to oxidation at high temperature.
    AEM can provide pure chromium products as well as chromium nickel alloys, chromium cobalt alloys with high quality and competitive prices.
  • Specification

    Purity ≥99.9%
    Material  Chromium Diboride
    Chemical Formula Cr3C2
    Melting point 1890℃
    Density 6.68 g/cm3
    Appearance Gray Powder


    1. Petrochemical: high temperature applications, cat cracker valve stems.
    2. Aero turbines: Hot section rub coats.
    3. Power generation: transition ducts.
    4. Gold mining: ball valves.

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