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    Tungsten Heating Elements

    Tungsten Heating Elements
  • Tungsten Heating Elements
  • Tungsten Heating Elements
  • Tungsten Heating Elements
  • Tungsten Heating Elements
  • Tungsten Heating Elements

    Tungsten Heating Element (Tungsten heater) is made from Tungsten wire or other tungsten products with a high melting point and excellent corrosion resistance. It is mainly used as heating elements in the surface vacuum coating process, such as aluminum spraying, chrome-plated, mirror making, ceramic coating, and plastics coating.
    Tungsten Heating Element (Tungsten heater) can be produced into single or multi wires form according to customers' drawings. Pure tungsten wire and doped tungsten wire are both available.
    Tungsten Heating Element (Tungsten heater) also can be made from tungsten strip and tungsten rods. We can provide Tungsten Heating Element (Tungsten heater) per your drawings.
    Purity: W >99.95%
    Density: >19.10g/cc
    Application temperature environment: <2300°C

    Tungsten Heating Elements Application

    Under proper conditions, Tungsten heating elements can be expected to maintain temperatures up to 2300°C. They are widely applied in high-temperature resistance furnaces and sapphire growth furnaces.

    Tungsten Heating Element Properties

    1. High mechanical and thermal stability
    2. Excellent uniformity
    3. Low creep deformation
    4. Long lifetimes

    Tungsten Heating Elements Specifications

    Tungsten heating elements can be welded and sliced. Tungsten heating elements should be made of one continuous piece of wire, rod, or ribbon. Standard availability is described below. Other sizes and tolerances are available.
    Diameter (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
    Size Tolerance Size Tolerance Size Tolerance
    3 ±0.1 <650 ±5.0 <1200 ±10.0
    4 ±0.1 <600 ±5.0 <1150 ±10.0
    5 ±0.1 <550 ±5.0 <1100 ±10.0
    6 ±0.2 <550 ±5.0 <1050 ±10.0
    7 ±0.2 <500 ±5.0 <1000 ±10.0
    8 ±0.2 <500 ±5.0 <950 ±5.0
    9 ±0.2 <450 ±5.0 <900 ±5.0

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