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    YSZ Grinding Media


    YSZ Grinding Media is made of Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Polycrystal.
    Zirconia, in its unstabilized form has monoclinic, square or cubic crystal phases. On partial stabilization by Yttria (Yttrium Oxide), the resultant phase is tetragonal endowing it with very high hardness & wear resistance along with high chemical inertness, making it the best material for grinding media applications.
    After consistent efforts, the research team at Advanced Engineering Materials has developed the grinding media that meets all the demands of the grinding and dispersion processes of the industries.
  • Typical Applications of YSZ Media:

    • Paint Industry: For the high purity grinding of paints and creation of paint dispersions
    • Electronic Industry: Magnetic materials, piezoelectric materials, dielectric materials for high purity grinding where the media should not discolor the mix being ground or cause any impurity due to wearing of the media
    •  Food and Cosmetic Industry: It is used in food and cosmetic industry due to its lack of contamination to in the materials being ground
    • Pharmaceutical Industry: For high purity grinding and mixing in the Pharmaceutical industry due to its extremely low wear rate

    Characteristics of YSZ Grinding Media

    • YSZ Grinding Media is very hard (> 9 on Mohs scale, diamond being 10), with a satin smooth surface finish
    • YSZ Grinding Media is chemically inert, thereby having a very high corrosion resistance.  It is impervious to most acids & alkalis
    • YSZ Grinding Media has a very high wear resistance, hence causing no contamination in the material being milled / ground / dispersed
    • YSZ Grinding Media has a density >6 gm/cm3, which makes it the most dense of the ceramic products
    Material Properties of YSZ Grinding Media:
    Property Specification
    COMPOSITION ZrO2 – 94.6% 
    Y2O3 – 5.4%
    DENSITY > 6.0 gm/cm3
    HARDNESS ON Mohs >9

    Advantages of Using YSZ Grinding Media:

    • YSZ Grinding Media has a density >6.0 gm/cm3 which is 2.5 times that of glass & 1.5 times that of Zircon & Alumina. Due to this high density, it may be used to mill even high viscosity compounds, into which other media may float.
    • Gains in Productivity: YSZ Grinding Media mills 6 times faster than Glass Media & 3 time faster than Zircon Media. Thus higher productivity may be achieved.
    • Very High Wear Resistance: There is no contamination by the YSZ Grinding Media in the material being ground, thus ensuring the quality of the material being ground.
    • Longer Service Life: YSZ Grinding Media has 25 times longer service life as compared to Glass Media, 15 times longer service life than MSZ Media & 5 times longer service life than Zircon Media.

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