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    Vanadium is silvery-white ductile solid and insoluble in is resistant to corrosion but soluble in nitric, hydrofluoric, and concentrated sulfuric acids. If it is attacked by alkali, it forms water-soluble vanadates. It acts as either a metal or non-metal and forms various complex compounds, and it is non-toxic as metal. Vanadium cannot be readily anodized like other reactive and refractory metals. Tantalum forms the best anodic films for capacitors, but vanadium (although forming a protective oxide at low temperatures) will not respond to normal anodizing techniques. The principle oxide of vanadium is V2O5, which melts at 675℃ and is corrosive. Vanadium and its alloys must be fabricated below the oxide's melting point or protected from an oxidizing atmosphere in higher temperatures usage. 
    AEM can provide pure vanadium products as well as Vanadium Carbide with high quality and competitive prices.
    Below are some of our standard Vanadium and Vanadium compound products. If you require customized products, please contact us by email.

    Physical Properties of Vanadium

    Vanadium Physical Properties
    Density gm/cc 13.31
    Melting Point °C 2227
    Boiling Point °C 4602
    Thermal Conductivity W/cm/K @ 298.2 K 0.23
    Specific Heat Cal/gm/°C 0.035
    Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion micro-in/°F x 10-6 8.4
    Heat of Vaporization K-Cal/gm atom at 3380 oC 155
    Electronegativity Paulings 1.3
    Electrical Resistivity micro-ohm-cm 35.1

    Mechanical Properties of Vanadium

    Vanadium Mechanical Properties  Metric imperial
    Tensile Strength 800 MPa 11600 psi
    Yield Strength 776 MPa 11300 psi
    Modulus of Elasticity 125.5 GPa 18200 ksi
    Poisson's Ratio 0.36 0.36
    Elongation at Break 2% 2%
    Hardness, Brinell (converted from Vickers. (3000 kg load)) 165 165
    Hardness, Rockwell A (converted from Vickers) 52 52
    Hardness, Rockwell B 100 100
    Hardness, Vickers 170 170

    Product List of Vanadium

    Vanadium Metal: Vanadium  wire,  Vanadium  rods, Vanadium  sheets, Vanadium foil,  Vanadium powder shot, pellets, ingot, turning customized machined vanadium parts
    Vanadium compounds: Vanadium Carbide Powder

    Applications of Vanadium

    1. Axles
    2. Crankshafts
    3. Bicycle frames
    4. Gears
    5. Nuclear reactors
    6. High-speed air-frames
    7. Jet engines
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