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    Zirconium Sputtering Target

    Zirconium Sputtering Target
  • Zirconium Sputtering Target
  • Zirconium Sputtering Target
  • Zirconium Sputtering Target
  • Zirconium Sputtering Target
  • Zirconium Sputtering Target

    Zirconium (Zr) is a silver metal with a density of 6.52 g/cm3. Zr has a tiny neutron absorption cross-section, and a relatively high melting point (1855 °C or 3371 °F), making zirconium an excellent material for nuclear power rods. Zirconium sponge and crystal bars are the raw materials to make sputtering targets. Although Zr sponge is cheap and has low purity, it contains a high oxygen content. Zirconium crystal bars have a higher cost and purity, making them ideal materials for sputtering targets.
    Both Zr and Hf can be applied in nuclear industries. However, they have different properties in neutron capturing. Although they have many similar properties, they need to be separated using the liquid extraction method or distillation of molten salt. We provide two grades of high purity zirconium targets: low hafnium (250ppm, or 0.025%) and high hafnium.

    Zirconium Sputtering Target Properties

    Material Zr crystal bar
    Purity 99.95%
    CAS Number 7440-67-7
    Color Silver
    Shape Diameter: 20~40mm

    Zirconium Sputtering Target Specifications

    B 0.07 Ti 36 Mo 3.7
    F 1.7 V 0.13 Rh <0.5
    Na 0.3 Cr 3.4 Pd <5
    Mg 0.09 Mn 0.2 In <0.05
    Al 48 Fe 51 Sn 16
    Si 35 Co 0.032 Sb <0.5
    P 0.35 Ni 3.3 Te <0.5
    S 16 Cu 0.16 I <0.5
    Cl 1.6 Zn 0.28 La <0.013
    K 0.25 Br 0.039 Ce 0.021
    Ca 0.33 Sr 0.009 Pr 0.036
    Sc 0.6 Nb 1.7 Nd <0.05
    Ga 0.1 Ge <0.05 Sm <0.05
    As <0.05 Se <0.05 Ta 0.66
    W 1.3 Re <0.05 Os <0.05
    Ir <0.05 Pt <0.05 Au <0.05
    Pb 0.96 Bi 0.28 U 1.1
    * Contents of C, N and O is not available
    * Concentrations of other metal elements are too low to be determined.

    Zirconium Sputtering Target Package

    Our Zirconium sputtering targets are carefully handled to prevent damage during storage and transportation and preserve our products’ quality in their original condition.

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