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    Niobium Bar

    Niobium Bar
  • Niobium Bar
  • Niobium Bar

    Grade: TNb1, TNb2
    Standard: ASTM B392-98
    Standard size: Diameter 4~100 mm
    Purity: Nb>99.95% or >99.99%

    Niobium Bar Applications

    With a high melting point, excellent anti-corrosion property, and workability in a cold environment, Nb, Nb alloy tube, rod, and wire are widely used in chemistry, electronics, aviation, and aerospace industry. They can be applied as nozzles, structural parts for airplane engines, inside elements, protection material for the nuclear reactor, anti-corrosion parts under strong acid, or environment. Your special requests are welcomed.

    Niobium Bar Specifications

    Niobium round bar is manufactured as random length pieces or cut to customers' desired lengths in diameters ranging from 0.125 inches to 5.00 inches. Please view Niobium Rod to see our standard sizes of niobium round bar. Below are most of the standard sizes of our niobium rectangular bars. If you do not see the required niobium bar size, please feel free to contact us.
    Width Thickness Length Length Tolerance
    15mm 15mm 600mm +1mm, -0
    20mm 20mm 1000mm +1mm, -0
    45mm 45mm 1200mm +2mm, -0
    60mm 60mm 1500mm +3mm, -0

    Chemical Composition of Niobium Bar

    Grade TNb1 TNb2
    Impurity content ,%,max Ta 0.1 0.15
    O 0.05 0.15
    N 0.03 0.05
    C 0.02 0.03
    Si 0.003 0.005
    Fe 0.005 0.02
    W 0.005 0.01
    Mo 0.005 0.005
    Ti 0.005 0.01
    Al 0.003 0.005
    Cu 0.002 0.003
    Cr 0.005 0.005
    Ni 0.005 0.01
    Zr 0.02 0.02
    Size ≥14×14×300 ≥14×14×300
    The flexural tolerance along the length for bars shall not be over 1% of the length
    Application Far alloys

    Special requirements to be agreed upon by the supplier and buyer

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