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    Zirconium Tube & Pipe

    Zirconium Tube & Pipe
  • Zirconium Tube & Pipe
  • Zirconium Tube & Pipe
  • Zirconium Tube & Pipe
  • Zirconium Tube

    Zirconium Pipe (Zirconium Tube) is delivered in straight lengths or as a U-bent pipe. We also supply complementary zirconium products for heat exchange applications. Zirconium spiral pipe, zirconium capillary pipe are also available on request.
    Technique Zirconium welded tube, zirconium seamless tube
    Grade R60702, R60704, R60705
    Standard ASTM B523, ASTM B353, ASTM B658
    Size OD(0.5-200)mm*WT(0.1-20)mm*L(MAX 20000)mm
    Shape Round, square
    Surface Polished or according to customer’s requirement
    Processing Hot rolling, cold rolling, drawing, extruding

    Zirconium Tube Applications

    Zirconium Pipe (Zirconium Tube) is extremely corrosion-resistant due to the formation of a stable oxide film and is unaffected by acids (except HF) alkalis. As a result of its corrosion resistance, zirconium pipe/tube is widely used in the chemical industry where corrosive agents are used. Due to its excellent high-temperature properties, coupled with its low neutron absorption, it is used in the construction of nuclear reactors. The pure metal is also used as a lining in jet engines.

    Zirconium Tube Fittings Product Forms

    Zirconium elbows
    Zirconium returns
    Zirconium reducing tees
    Zirconium concentric reducers
    Titanium eccentric reducers
    Zirconium reducers
    Zirconium couplings
    Titanium bushings
    Titanium caps


    Other materials and drawings are available.

    Chemical Composition of Zirconium Tube

    Grade Element Composition (%) <
    Zr+Hf Hf Fe+Cr Sn H N C Nb O
    R60702 99.2 4.5 0.2 -- 0.005 0.025 0.05 -- 0.16
    R60703 98 4.5 -- -- 0.005 0.025 -- -- --
    R60704 97.5 4.5 0.20~0.40 1.0~2.0 0.005 0.025 0.05 -- 0.18
    R60705 95.5 4.5 0.2 -- 0.005 0.025 0.05 2.0~3.0 0.18
    R60706 95.5 4.5 0.2 -- 0.005 0.025 0.05 2.0~3.0 0.16

    Mechanical Properties of Zirconium Tube

    Material State Rm (≥)/MPa Rp0.2 (≥)/MPa A50mm (≥)/%
    Zirconium 702 Annealed 379 207 16
    (UNS R60702)
    Zirconium 704 Annealed 413 241 14
    (UNS R60704)
    Zirconium 705 Annealed 552 379 16
    (UNS R60705)

    Zirconium Tube Test

    100% Ultrasonic Test (UT)
    100% Eddy Current Test(ET)
    100% Pneumatic Test
    100% Hydraulic Test
    Microstructure Test
    Visual Surface Inspection
    Dimensional Inspection
    Tensile Properties Inspection

    We produce high-quality zirconium (Zr702, Zr704, Zr705), and its alloy (Zr2, Zr4) zirconium sheet/plate, zirconium foil, zirconium rod/bar, zirconium wire, zirconium pipe (zirconium tube) etc, according to ASTM specifications. We supply the highest quality Zirconium Pipe (Zirconium Tube) for many years with competitive prices and reliable customer service. All the Zirconium Pipe and Tube offered by us will pass a strict test process. Custom-designed shapes can be supplied with short lead times.

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