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    Molybdenum Crucible
  • Description:

    AEM produces molybdenum material and components for leading sapphire growth furnace OEMs and crystal growers around the world.  AEM provides a variety of crucibles for sapphire growth furnaces, as well as many other components for these furnaces.  Corrosion resistance, creep resistance, and high temperature performance make molybdenum and tungsten crucibles ideal for use in high temperature crystal growth processes.  Crystal growth is at the foundation for many cutting edge technologies such as Sapphire touch screens, LED lighting parts, solar cells and high power lasers. 
    We can provide two kinds of molybdenum crucibles. One is sintering product, its density is among 9.8 ~ 10g/cc; the other one is forging product, its density can reach 10.2g/cc.
    Standard: ASTM B386
    Material: Mo-1, Mo-2, >99.95%
    Density: 9.8~10.20g/cc


    Molybdenum crucible is widely used as furnace crucible. Molybdenum crucibles with different sizes are used in rare earth industry, metallurgical industry, monocrystalline silicon, solar energy, artificial crystal and mechanical processing industries.


    AEM can provide forged molybdenum crucible and sintered molybdenum crucible. With our many years of experience in the field of powder metallurgy, we produce crucibles of a particularly high purity, high density precise size and smooth surface, but without cracks, voids and irregular protrusions. Our products have a longer service life, which will help you to save your cost.
    Our company can produce various crucibles, such as round mouth crucible, taper crucible, ellipse crucible and bottomless crucible. It can be produced according to the customers’ drawing. If you do not see the size of molybdenum crucible that you require, please feel free to contact us.
    Delivery condition Size(mm) Tolerance(mm) Surface Roughness
    Diameter (mm) High (mm) Wall thickness (mm) Diameter (mm) High (mm) Ra
    Sintering 10~500 10~600 8~20 +/-5 +/-5 1.6
    Forging 10~130 10~200 8~20 +/-1 +/-2 1.6

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