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    Vanadium Carbide Powder

  • Description

    A fine gray metallic powder, this refractory ceramic material is not able for being extremely hard, chemically stable, and ideal for high-temperature applications thanks to a high melting point and other versatile thermal properties. They are frequently used in conjunction with other Carbides as an additive. Vanadium Carbide powder maintains a cubic crystal structure, and may be the hardest known metal-carbide with its hardness ranging from 9 to 9.5 Mohs.

    Chemical Specification

    Grade FXVC-01 FVC-1
    Carbon content Total carbon ≥17 ≥16
    Free carbon ≤1.3 ≤0.8
      Impurity content(≤) N 0.20 0.20
    O 1.0 0.6
    Si 0.10 0.15
    Fe 0.10 0.15
    Na 0.01 0.01
    Ca 0.05 0.05
    Al 0.02 0.02
    Fsss(μm) ≤1.5 1.5<Fsss≤4.0


    • Tools and abrasives: Like many of its related refractory ceramics, Vanadium Carbide is frequently used to produce extremely hard, wear-resistant surfaces for cutting tools, bits, and other mechanical surfaces prone to extreme wear and tear.

    • Metallurgy: Given its unique hardness and corrosion-resistance, Vanadium Carbide powder is frequently used as an additive in alloys. In particular, it’s utilized in the production of tungsten carbide to improve the cermet by refining the Carbide crystals.

    • Coatings: Like many Carbide powders, Vanadium Carbide powder is frequently used to produce extremely hard coatings for high-stress applications. Treated properly, a material coated with Vanadium Carbide is up to twice as hard as one with a cemented Carbide coating.

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