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    Fused Zirconia Powder

    Fused Zirconia Powder
  • Fused Zirconia Powder
  • Fused Zirconia Powder

    Fused zirconia is produced from zircon sand, which is one of the minerals found in heavy mineral sand sedimentary deposits derived from the alteration of granitic or alkaline rocks. In order to produce fused zirconia, zircon sand is reduced and fused in an electric arc furnace under a temperature exceeding 2,600°C. Once the fused zirconia has cooled down, it is crushed and sized to fit required specifications.

    Unique Characteristics of Fused Zirconia Powder

    Good mechanical properties and stability at high temperatures
    Superior thermal resistance and corrosion resistance
    Consistency of its physical and chemical characteristics
    High chemical inertness
    Fused Zirconia has many unique and complex properties which make it suitable for a variety of different high end refractory, ceramic, and electronics applications.

    Fused Zirconia Powder Applications

    Refractories used in the production of steel and glass products
    Manufacture of heat resistant refractory materials and shapes
    Fused cast brick for glass furnaces
    Special Refractories - slide gates, long nozzles and crucibles
    Ceramic fillters - foundry casting
    Ceramic colours and glazes
    Fused Zirconia powders are used in the preparation of ceramic pigments which form the basis of most colourants used for tableware, sanitary ware, and floor and wall tiles. They resist high temperature firing processes and the unique crystal structure of Zirconia enables it to make a wide selection of coloured stains ready for application to ceramic tiles.

    Other Applications
    Friction products in the auto industry - brake linings
    Welding rods
    Technical ceramics and electronics - setter plates and saggers
    Zirconium Metals and Alloys
    Zirconium Sponge for structural parts for reactors in the Nuclear Industry

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