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    Rhenium Sputtering Target

  • Description

    Rhenium Sputtering target is a new type of Physical Vapor Deposition(PVD) method. It is widly used in: flat panel displays, glass industry(include architectural glass,automotive glass,optical film glass),solar cells,surface engineering, recording media,microelectronics, automotive lights and decorative coating etc..
    For Rhenium sputter target, forged and rolled metal materials are considered better than raw ingots produced by powder metallurgy for its high density and less gas phase impurities. We are a professional supplier of sputter targets and other deposition materials. Although only in limited quantity and size, we are proud to say rolled rhenium plate are in stock. So we could provide high quality Rhenium sputter targets in flat form with very short lead time and competitive price. Please contact us for price quote of various sizes of Re sputter targets. Since Rhenium is a very expensive material, sputter targets could be made to as thin as 1mm for lower cost without increasing unit price.
    Indium bonding to regular size or custom made backing plate is available, but not suggested for metal,e.g.
    Composition: Rhenium
    Catalog No.:DPMA75ST
    Maximum Diameter:8"
    Typical Lead Time:2 weeks

    Specification for Sputtering Target

    Product Name Rhenium Sputtering Target
    Purity 99.9%-99.95%
    Shape Discs, Plates, Column Targets, Tubing Targets, Custom-made
    Dimensions Customized
    Bonding Indium

    Material Purity
    Rhenium Sputtering Target 2"D X .125"T 3N5, 4N
    Rhenium Sputtering Target 2"D X .250"T 3N5, 4N
    Rhenium Sputtering Target 3"D X .125"T 3N5, 4N
    Rhenium Sputtering Target 3"D X .250"T 3N5, 4N
    Rhenium Sputtering Target 4"D X .125"T 3N5, 4N
    Rhenium Sputtering Target 4"D X .250"T 3N5, 4N
    Targets are made to order and packaged individually. Call or email for additional diameters, thicknesses or custom sizes.


    Rhenium is primary used as an important component in superalloys for blades in turbine engines now. Rhenium alloyed with platinum, was used in petroleum-reforming catalysis in the production of high-octane hydrocarbons, used for lead free gasoline.

    Typical Analyses

    Material / Purity: 3N 5 4N
    Al <35.0 <5
    B 21 <1
    Ca 21 <1
    Co 33 <3
    Cr <23.0 <3
    Cu <52.0 <2
    Fe 27 <70
    Mg <90.0 <1
    Mn <22.0 <2
    Mo 22.5 <25
    Ni <21.0 <1
    Sn <32.0 <2
    Tl 22 <2
    Zr <21.0 <1
    K <21.0 <1
    Si - <3


    Plastic bag, vacuum seal,with COA of the raw material (rhenium plate) for the Re sputter target

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