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    Hafnium Wire

    Hafnium Wire
  • Hafnium Wire
  • Hafnium Wire
  • Hafnium Wire
  • Hafnium Wire
  • Hafnium Wire

    Hafnium has a strong ability to capture the neutron, making it an excellent material for control rods in nuclear reactors. The nuclear industry roughly consumes half of the Hf produced every year. Hafnium is also used as an additive to alloys. Recently, scientists at Intel and IBM found hafnium-based compounds can be applied in gate insulators to make the processors smaller. Hafnium wires and other Hf parts are also used in plasma cutting because of their ability to shed electrons into the air. Cut hafnium wire could be inserted into copper parts to make a cutting tip for the plasma cutter.

    Hafnium Wire Properties

    Name Hafnium wire
    Purity Hf+Zr > 99.98%, Zr < 3%
    Density 13.3 g/cm3
    Appearance Silver metal
    Melting Point 2227 C

    Hafnium Wire Specifications

    Diameter: 0.03''- 0.24'' (0.8 mm to 6.0 mm)
    It can be straight, in coils, or on spools

    Hafnium Wire Applications

    Plasma Cutting: Hafnium wire is used as an electrode material in plasma cutting systems due to its high melting point and heat resistance. These properties make it ideal for generating high-energy plasma arcs, enabling precise cutting of various materials.

    Aerospace: Hafnium wire finds application in the aerospace industry. It is used in high-temperature environments, such as rocket engine nozzles and other components that require excellent thermal stability and durability.

    Nuclear Industry: Hafnium wire is extensively used in control rods for nuclear reactors due to its high neutron absorption cross-section.

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