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    Tungsten Boat

    Tungsten Boat
  • Tungsten Boat
  • Tungsten Boat
  • Tungsten Boat
  • Tungsten Boat
  • Tungsten Boat

    Tungsten boat is made from Tungsten sheet through a process of cutting, bending, welding and riveting. We can manufacture customized tungsten boats according to your requirements. AEM can provide bending, folding, riveting, pressing and welding tungsten boats according to our customer’s requirements. Tungsten boats are manufactured by our special production line and elaborately made from tungsten plates or sheets with high quality. Our tungsten boat has high purity, high density, varied types, stable performance and a longer service life, which will help you to save your cost.

    Tungsten Boat Properties

    Purity: >99.95%
    Density: >19.1g/cc
    W content: ≥99.95%
    Technique: extruding, forging, rolling, machining and sintering

    Tungsten Boat Application

    Tungsten boat is widely used in military industry, electronic industry and light industry. In addition, it can be also applied in metalizing, electron beam spraying and vacuum coating industry.

    Tungsten Boat Specification

    Length: 50mm-1000mm
    Width: 10mm-500mm
    Height: 10mm-300mm
    Wall thickness: 0.3mm-10mm

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