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    Molybdenum Nozzle

  • Description:

    Molybdenum nozzle can be used for piercing seamless steel pipe such as stainless steel, drill steel and high temperature alloy steel.
    Molybdenum parts are temperature-resistant, making them the ideal material for high temperature applications.
    Glass wool and glass fiber are manufactured at temperatures of over 1600 °C (2912 °F). During the production process, the liquid melt passes through outflow spinning nozzles made of molybdenum. The melt is then either blown or spun to create the finished product. It is essential that the molten stream is precisely dosed and perfectly centered if a high-quality finished product is to be achieved. We make this possible with our temperature-resistant Molybdenum Spinning Nozzle and Tungsten Spinning Nozzles.


    Molybdenum capillary tube is used in metal, quartz and glass melting fields.


    Our molybdenum nozzle has high melting point, low thermal expansion, outstanding electrical and heat-conducting capabilities and relatively high tensile strength.
    Size: out diameter: within 10mm, walls thickness: 0.5~3mm, length: 200~4000mm
    Roughness: inside and outside surface Ra

    Packaging of Molybdenum Spinning Nozzle:

    Our moly spinning nozzles are clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

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