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    Zirconium Sheet

    Zirconium Sheet
  • Zirconium Sheet
  • Zirconium Sheet
  • Zirconium Sheet: Exceptional Quality for Your Diverse Needs

    AEM METAL has a fine rolling and annealing technology to supply the perfect Zirconium Sheet.

    Our zirconium sheets are engineered to international standards and specifications, and they undergo the highest level of quality control. Engineering standards defining the chemical composition, mechanical property, and the tolerance of sheets complement fully independent testing.

    Choose AEM METAL, We also have shearing capabilities to meet your specific project needs.

    Zirconium Sheet Properties

    Standard ASTM B551
    Grade R60702, R60704, R60705
    Thickness 0.5mm - 50 mm
    Width 10mm - 2500mm
    Technology Hot-rolled, cold-rolled, hot forging , machining
    Condition Annealed (M),cold rolled(Y), hot rolled(R) , quenching(C)
    Surface Chemically cleaning or machined to be bright. Depending on different thicknesses.
    Grade Element Composition (%) <
    Zr+Hf Hf Fe+Cr Sn H N C Nb O
    R60702 99.2 4.5 0.2 -- 0.005 0.025 0.05 -- 0.16

    Why Choose AEM METAL Zirconium Sheet - Our Advantages

    Premium Quality and Purity

    Crafted from high-purity zirconium sponge, our sheets offer premium quality, ensuring exceptional performance in challenging industrial environments.

    Exceptional Corrosion Resistance and Strength

    With unmatched corrosion resistance and superior mechanical strength, our zirconium sheets provide long-lasting durability in aggressive chemical settings.

    Precision Customization

    Tailor our zirconium sheets to your exact needs with precision thickness, dimensions, and customizable surface finishes, ensuring seamless integration into diverse projects.

    Versatility and Temperature Stability

    From extreme heat to cold environments, our zirconium sheets exhibit stability across a wide temperature range, making them versatile for various industrial and engineering applications.

    Reliability Through Consistency

    Experience the assurance of consistent quality across all batches, supported by comprehensive testing and certifications, minimizing the risk of performance variations and ensuring long-term durability.

    How to Make Zirconium Sheets?

    1. Melting and Casting:

    Zirconium sponge is melted using electron beam or vacuum arc melting techniques. The molten zirconium is cast into ingots, which serve as the raw material for further processing.

    2. Forging

    The zirconium ingots are forged to form the shape of sheets.

    3. Hot Rolling:

    The zirconium sheets are heated and passed through hot rolling mills to reduce their thickness and achieve the desired dimensions. This hot rolling process helps in shaping the zirconium into a preliminary form.

    4. Intermediate Annealing:

    Intermediate annealing involves heating the partially rolled zirconium to remove stresses and improve its workability. This step enhances the material's homogeneity and prepares it for further processing.

    5. Cold Rolling:

    The zirconium is then cold-rolled to achieve the final desired thickness and dimensions. Cold rolling increases the strength and surface finish of the material.

    6. Cutting and Shearing:

    The cold-rolled zirconium sheets are cut into specific sizes and shapes using cutting and shearing processes.

    7. Surface Finishing:

    Zirconium sheets can undergo surface finishing processes, such as polishing or pickling, to achieve the desired surface texture and cleanliness.

    8. Final Annealing:

    The final product may undergo a final annealing process to relieve any residual stresses and optimize the material properties.

    Quality Assurance of Zirconium Sheet

    Visual Inspection

    Inspect the entire surface of the zirconium sheet for scratches, cracks, pits, or any other visible imperfections. Ensure uniformity in color and finish across the entire surface.

    Dimensional Inspection

    Use precision measurement tools such as calipers, micrometers, or laser measurement devices to check length, width, and thickness. Compare the measurements against the specified tolerances.

    Chemical Composition Analysis

    Perform chemical analysis using techniques such as X-ray fluorescence (XRF) or inductively coupled plasma (ICP) spectrometry. Verify that the zirconium content and impurity levels are within specified limits.

    Hardness Testing

    Use a hardness tester to measure the material's hardness. Ensure that the hardness values fall within the acceptable range specified for zirconium.

    Microstructure Analysis

    Use an optical microscope to inspect the grain structure and overall microstructure of the zirconium sheet. Look for signs of improper heat treatment or other manufacturing issues.

    Ultrasonic Testing

    Utilize ultrasonic testing equipment to send high-frequency sound waves through the zirconium sheet. Analyze the reflected waves to identify internal defects, such as voids or inclusions.

    Where Our Zirconium Sheet Shines-Diverse Applications

    Chemical Processing

    Due to its chemical stability and catalytic properties, zirconium sheet is used in the production of specialty chemicals, catalysts, and electrodes.

    Nuclear Industry

    Zirconium sheet, vital for nuclear applications, especially as fuel cladding in nuclear reactors, possess unique properties. Its low neutron absorption, high melting point, and superior corrosion resistance ensure the safety and integrity of nuclear fuel rods even under severe reactor core conditions.

    Medical Industry

    Due to its biocompatibility and corrosion resistance, zirconium sheet is gaining popularity for orthopedic and dental implants.

    Electrical Industry

    Due to its superior electrical conductivity the electrical industry uses zirconium sheet in capacitors, connectors, and electrical contacts.

    Aerospace Industry

    In aerospace applications, zirconium sheets contribute to lightweight and corrosion-resistant components, enhancing the durability and performance of aircraft and spacecraft.

    Heat Exchangers

    Zirconium sheets are employed in the fabrication of heat exchangers, benefiting from the material's resistance to corrosion and high temperatures.

    Difference between Zirconium Sheet and Zirconium Plate

    The terms "Zirconium Sheet" and "Zirconium Plate" are often used interchangeably, but there can be slight nuances in their meaning.


    Zirconium Sheet: Typically implies a thinner piece of zirconium with a thickness less than 6mm. Sheets are commonly used for applications where a lower thickness and lighter weight are crucial.

    Zirconium Plate: Generally refers to a flat, broad piece of zirconium with a thickness greater than 6mm. Plates are often associated with thicker sections used in heavy-duty applications.


    Zirconium Sheet: More commonly used in applications where a lighter material is sufficient. This can include thin-walled containers, electronic components, or applications where weight is a critical factor.

    Zirconium Plate: Primarily utilized in heavy industries and applications where mechanical strength and durability are paramount. Examples include structural components in chemical processing equipment or aerospace applications.

    In many cases, the choice between "sheet" and "plate" might be influenced by the specific requirements of a project, including factors like strength, weight, and intended use.

    How Zirconium Sheet Outperforms Its Competitors

    Compared with other sheets such as titanium sheets, stainless steel sheets, nickel-based alloy sheets and so on, zirconium sheet has the following advantages that make it stand out and become the first choice in some industries.

    Exceptional Corrosion Resistance

    Zirconium sheet is highly corrosion-resistant due to a natural oxide layer on its surface, which protects against chemicals, acids, and alkalis. This makes it useful in environments like chemical processing plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and seawater desalination facilities. Its resistance to corrosive substances ensures durability and reliability.

    Great Heat Transfer Capabilities

    Zirconium sheets, due to their high thermal conductivity, are ideal for heat exchangers in industries such as petrochemicals, power generation, and refrigeration. Their use can improve energy efficiency, lower costs, and optimize performance.

    Mechanical Strength and Structural Integrity

    Zirconium sheet boasts superior mechanical strength and structural integrity. Its strength makes it ideal for demanding applications in aerospace industries and defense applications, where it's used to manufacture lightweight, durable components and military equipment.

    Low Neutron Absorption Ability

    Zirconium sheet, due to its low neutron-capture cross section, shields fuel from nuclear fission, preventing premature or hazardous chain reactions and maintaining control over the process.

    Zirconium Sheet Package

    Wooden case, plywood case, or according to clients' demand.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Zirconium Sheet

    • Do zirconium sheets require any special handling or storage considerations?  

      While zirconium is a durable material, it's advisable to store and handle sheets properly to prevent damage. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures and corrosive substances during storage.

    • Can zirconium sheets be used for cladding or lining applications? 

      Yes, zirconium sheets are suitable for cladding or lining applications where corrosion resistance is crucial. They can provide a protective layer in corrosive environments.

    • Are zirconium sheets magnetic? 

      Zirconium is non-magnetic in its pure form. However, certain processing methods or alloying elements may influence magnetic properties.

    • Can zirconium sheets be bent or formed easily? 

      Zirconium sheets are relatively ductile and can be bent or formed. However, the extent of formability may vary based on sheet thickness and specific alloy properties.

    • Are zirconium sheets suitable for outdoor applications? 

      Zirconium sheets can withstand outdoor conditions, but the suitability depends on factors like climate, exposure to corrosive elements, and specific application requirements. Consider protective coatings or finishes for extended outdoor use.

    • Do zirconium sheets have any color variations? 

      Zirconium sheets typically have a silver-gray appearance. The metal itself does not undergo significant color changes, contributing to a consistent and aesthetically pleasing surface.

    • How can I ensure that the zirconium sheets I receive meet the specified quality standards and certifications? 

      Our zirconium sheets comply with globally recognized standards such as ASTM. We also follow the ISO quality management system to ensure the quality of zirconium sheets.

    • What level of technical support and service can I expect from your team? 

      Our support team is dedicated to assisting you throughout the entire process, from selecting the right zirconium sheets to providing after-sales service.

    • What shipping methods do you use to deliver products? 

      We typically opt for UPS, DHL, or FedEx. However, for shipments over 100 kg, sea transportation is an option. Feel free to specify your preferred shipping method.

    • How long does it usually take for goods to be delivered? 

      Delivery typically takes 3-4 weeks, subject to the product's complexity, quantity, and order volume. Please also understand that if transportation volume accumulates during holidays, the delivery time may be slower.

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