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    Titanium Wire

    Titanium Wire
  • Titanium Wire
  • Titanium Wire
  • Titanium Wire
  • Titanium Wire

    We stock a wide range of titanium wire, including a complete line of commercially pure titanium wire and medical titanium wire. It can be supplied in random lengths.

    Titanium Wire Specifications

    Standard ASTM B863, ASTM B348, ASTM F67, ASTM F136, etc.
    Grade Gr1, Gr2, Gr3, Gr5, Gr23, etc.
    Technique Hot rolled, cold rolling, annealing
    Straight Diameter: 1.0mm-5.0mm  ( tolerance: +/-0.05mm )
    Coiled Diameter: 0.01mm-5.0mm 
    Length Coils or as per customers' requests
    Surface Black, pickled, polished  ( for diameter >1mm )

    Titanium Wire Feature

    Low density and high specification strength
    Excellent corrosion resistance
    Good resistance to the effect of heat
    Excellent bearing to cryogenic property
    Non-magnetic and non-toxic
    Good thermal properties
    Low modulus of elasticity

    Titanium Wire Applications

    3D printing and powdering wire
    3D printing direct wire
    Aerospace alloys and applications
    Medical implants
    Automotive applications
    Piercing & accessory
    Optical frames
    Surgical instruments
    Architectural applications
    Cladding to other materials
    Bolts & nuts
    Netting in corrosion

    Titanium Wire Testing

    Room temperature tensile
    Bend testing
    Metallography (General)
    Near surface examinations
    Hardness testing
    Meet specifications AMS, ASTM, MIL, DIN

    Tensile Requirements of Titanium Wire

    Grade Tensil Strength (min) Yeild Strength (min) Elongation (%)
    1 35 240 20 138 24
    2 50 345 40 275 20
    3 65 450 55 380 18
    4 80 550 70 483 15
    5 130 895 120 828 10
    7 50 345 40 275 20
    9 90 620 70 438 15
    12 70 438 50 345 18
    Titanium round wire, titanium resistance wire, nickel titanium wire, titanium ear wire, titanium weld wire, nitinol wire all are available. We produce according to given precise dimensions. We are a trusted supplier and has been specialized in Titanium Wire production for many years. We supply high-quality medical Titanium Wire at competitive prices.

    Titanium Wire Package

    Wooden case or according to your requirements.

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