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    Chromium Plate

    Chromium Plate
  • Chromium Plate
  • Chromium Plate
  • Chromium Plate

    Chromium is a lightweight blue-silvery white metal. The name chromium comes from the Greek "chroma" and means color. It is a popular material for all types of protective coating because of its high corrosion resistance against many different acids, bases, and hot gases.
    AEM provides pure Chromium products as well as Chromium Plate with high-quality and competitive prices.

    Chromium Plate Specifications

    Material Chromium
    Purity 99.8%, 99.95%, 99.98%, 99.99% 
    Density 7.18 g/cm3
    Melting Point 1857℃
    Boiling Point 2672℃
    Shape plate

    Chromium Plate Applications

    1. Used in coating, and thin film Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), and Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) processes
    2. Brilliant decorative coating for operating elements on appliances or jewelry.

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