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    Titanium Mesh

    Titanium Mesh
  • Titanium Mesh
  • Titanium Mesh
  • Titanium Mesh

    We can provide titanium sheet mesh which is expended from titanium sheet, titanium wire mesh that weaved by titanium wire and titanium stamped mesh with circular holes, minimum opening is 1mm diameter. Titanium mesh baskets and MMO mesh anodes made from titanium mesh are also available.
    Titanium Wire Mesh: plain weaved by titanium wire
    Titanium Mesh: expanded and stamped by titanium sheet
    Titanium Basket & MMO anode: Assembled by titanium mesh and wire mesh and costed with mixed metal oxides.

    Titanium Mesh Properties

    Acid and Alkali resistance, High strength, High temperature resistance, and wear resistance.

    Titanium Mesh Specifications

    Name Titanium Mesh
    Material Gr1, Gr2 (CP Titanium)
    Processing Stamping

    Titanium Mesh Dimensions (For Diamond Mesh):

    Sheet Thickness Width x Length Mesh Open Size Mesh Stem
    0.3mm ~0.8mm


    1000mm x 2000mm


    1000mm x 3000mm
    50mm x 25mm 2.0mm
    20mm x 10mm 2.0mm
    20mm x 7mm 2.0mm
    16mm x 8mm 1.5mm-2.0mm
    15mm x 5.5mm 1.5mm-2.0mm
    13mm x 7mm 1.5mm-2.0mm
    12.5mm x 4.5mm 1.5mm-2.0mm
    12.5mm x 6mm 1.5mm-2.0mm
    10mm x 5mm <1.0mm
    8mm x 5mm <0.8mm
    6mm x 3mm <0.6mm
    4.6mm x 2.5mm <0.6mm
    4mm x 3mm <0.3mm
    3mm x 2mm <0.3mm
    Other mesh open size can be customized. We can also provide the square and rectangle mesh beside diamond mesh.

    Titanium Mesh Applications

    Used in acid and alkali environment, as sieve in petroleum industry and chemical fiber industrial, pickling in electroplating industrial, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

    Titanium Mesh Properties

    Easy to be modeled, cut and easy to close to the implanted surface
    High strength, toughness and impact strength
    Can be inserted into the drainage tube, and does not affect the drainage
    Paramagnetic adaptable, acceptable CT, MRI, DSA
    Medical titanium mesh also has strong compression performance and good histocompatibility. After implanted in the human body, the fibroblasts grow into the pores of titanium mesh, so it can integrate with organizational and also have calcification and ossification tendency. It is an ideal cranioplasty material.

    Medical Titanium Mesh

    Medical titanium mesh anodization treatment--After the anodization treatment, its corrosion resistance, hardness, wear resistance, insulation, heat resistance are improved. Its life is longer and histocompatibility is higher.

    CP GR2 Titanium Mesh

    Is the most common method of weaving, its main feature is the warp and weft density of the same wire diameter.

    Twill Titanium Mesh

    Twill titanium mesh for petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber, aerospace and other industries, with good acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, high tensile strength and wear resistance and other properties.

    We can also provide the square and rectangle mesh besides diamond mesh. Other titanium mesh open size can be customized. We are a trusted supplier and has been specialized in titanium mesh production for many years.

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