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    Titanium Sheet

    Titanium Sheet
  • Titanium Sheet
  • Titanium Sheet
  • Titanium Sheet
  • Titanium Sheet
  • Titanium Sheet

    Titanium sheet is engineered to international standards and specifications and undergoes the highest quality control. Engineering standards defining the chemical composition, mechanical property, and the tolerance of sheets complement fully independent testing.

    Titanium Sheet Specifications

    Standard ASTM B265, AMS 4911, AMS 4916, ASTM F67, ASTM F136
    Grade Gr1, Gr2, Gr3, Gr4, Gr5, Gr7, Gr9, Gr12, Gr23, etc
    Thickness 0.5mm - 50 mm
    Width 10mm - 2500mm
    Technology Hot-rolled, cold-rolled, hot forging, machining
    Condition Cold rolled(Y), hot rolled(R), annealed (M), quenching(C)
    Surface Pickling surface, polished surface, black surface
    Specifications Aerospace, medical, industrial

    Titanium Sheet Applications

    Chemical processing, medical instruments.
    Aerospace, industry, navigation, smelting.
    Textile printing and dyeing.
    Petrochemical industry.
    Electroplating equipment.
    Machining field, automobile field.
    Axis machining, the frame of the planes.
    The equipment used in the seawater.
    Nuclear industry.
    Heat exchangers, and condensers.
    Construction industry..

    Titanium Sheet Features

    High tensile strength.
    High corrosion resistance.
    Low density, good thermal stability.
    Good bio-compatibility.
    High-temperature and low-temperature resistance.
    High resistance to strong acid, and strong alkali.

    Product Detection of Titanium Sheet

    Visual inspection to check the surface quality, ensuring it without any flaw, black dot, and any other defects.
    Ultrasonic Flaw Detection to make sure there are no inside defects. 
    Chemical Composition Detection to make sure all chemical component can satisfy customers demands
    Mechanical Features testing to make sure products have satisfying mechanical features before delivery.
    We supply titanium sheet in a range of surface finishes which is produced typically by pickling and sandblasting as per customer's requirements to ensure the required quality finish. Right rolling technology and annealing technology can also contribute a lot to provide the perfect titanium sheet.

    Titanium Sheet Package

    Wooden case, plywood case, or according to the clients’ demand.

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