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    Rhenium Crucible

    Rhenium Crucible
  • Rhenium Crucible
  • Rhenium Crucible
  • Rhenium Crucible

    We are a global supplier of Rhenium (Re) Crucibles, and we can provide customized Rhenium products. Rhenium (Re) crucibles are silvery metallic crucibles and manufactured from pure Rhenium (Re) metal.

    Rhenium Crucible Specifications

    Shape and size can be customized, density 18.8g/cc min, purity 99.99% min.

    Product Name: Rhenium Crucible
    Material: Rhenium metal
    Standard: Re>99.95%; Re>99.99%
    Size: 10-500mm OD x 10-600mm H
    Synonyms: Re crucible, Rhenium crucible
    Material: Re>99.95%; Re>99.99%
    Dimensions:10-500mm OD x 10-600mm H

    Rhenium Crucible Applications

    Used for single crystal growth of rare earth element and gemstone.

    Chemical Composition of Rhenium Crucible

    Re 99.99% min(Calculated by the subtraction method, excluding gas elements )
    Maximum trace metallic impurities, analyzed by ICP-MS
    Al 1 ppm Mo 10 ppm
    Ba 1 ppm Na 5 ppm
    Be 1 ppm Ni 5 ppm
    Ca 5 ppm Pb 1 ppm
    Cd 1 ppm Pt 1 ppm
    Co 5 ppm Sb 1 ppm
    Cr 1 ppm Sn 1 ppm
    Cu 1 ppm Ti 5 ppm
    K 5 ppm W 10 ppm
    Mg 1 ppm Zn 1 ppm
    Mn 1 ppm    

    Rhenium Crucible Package

    Our Rhenium (Re) Crucibles are carefully packed to prevent damage during storage & transportation. A wooden crate is used if cargo is overweight.

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