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    Vanadium Sputtering Target

    Vanadium Sputtering Target
  • Vanadium Sputtering Target
  • Vanadium Sputtering Target
  • Vanadium Sputtering Target
  • Vanadium Sputtering Target Process

    Thanks to the special forming processes we use, the sputtering targets' actual density almost reaches 100%. Our customers benefit from a faster process due to higher sputtering speeds. Our production process for Vanadium sputtering target are:

    Vanadium Sputtering Target Properties

    Material Vanadium
    Chemical Formula V
    Atomic Weight 50.9415
    Color/ Appearance Silvery Gray, Metallic
    Melting Point 1890℃
    Thermal Conductivity 23 W/m.K
    Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 8.4 x 10-6/K
    Theoretical Density (g/cc) 5.96
    Z Ration 0.53
    Sputter DC
    Max Powder Density (Watts/Square Inch) 50
    Type of Bond  Indium, Elastomer

    Micrograph of Vanadium Sputtering Target

    Our production process's flexibility allows adjusting the microstructure of our coating material to achieve the desired effect. If the sputtering target grains are uniformly aligned, the user can benefit from constant erosion rates and homogeneous layers.

    Vanadium Sputtering Target Specifications

    Purity 99.5%, 99.9%
    Shape Disc targets, plate targets, column targets, step targets, custom-made
    Size Circular: Diameter < 14inch, Thickness > 1mm;  Block: Length < 32inch, Width < 12inch, Thickness > 1mm

    Chemical Composition of Vanadium Sputtering Target

    The sputtering targets we produced are of high purity. The most important benefits are that the films possess an outstanding electrical conductivity level and minimized particle formation during the PVD process. Below form is a formal certificate of analysis for the 3N high purity Vanadium sputtering target.

    Analytical methods:
    1. Metallic elements are analyzed using ICP-OES.

    2. Gas elements are analyzed using LECO.

    Element Actual Units Element Actual Units
    Na   ppm Ni   ppm
    Mg <20 ppm Cu <100 ppm
    Al <20 ppm Zn <50 ppm
    Si   ppm As <20 ppm
    P   ppm Zr <20 ppm
    K <10 ppm Mo <50 ppm
    Ca <10 ppm Cd <20 ppm
    Ti   ppm Sn <20 ppm
    V Matrix ppm Sb <20 ppm
    Cr <50 ppm Ta <50 ppm
    Mn <50 ppm W <50 ppm
    Fe <100 ppm Pb <20 ppm
    Co <100 ppm Bi <20 ppm
    Se   ppm Tl <10 ppm
    O <20 ppm C <20 ppm
    N <20 ppm H   ppm
    S <20        


    Vanadium Sputtering Target Applications

    1. Used in semiconductor, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), physical vapor deposition (PVD) display, and optical applications.

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