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    Vanadium Powder
  • Introduction

    Vanadium is a soft, shiny, silvery metal which can be found in many different minerals, including some crude oils. Resistant to corrosion, but soluble in nitric, hydrofluoric and concentrated sulfuric acids. Attacked by alkali, forming water soluble vanadates. Acts as either a metal or nonmetal, and forms a variety of complex compounds. Nontoxic as metal.
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    Material Vanadium
    Purity 99.90%
    Color/ Appearance Sliver-gray powder
    Theoretical Density(g/cc) 5.96
    Melting point 1890C
    Z Ratio 0.53
    E-Beam Excellent
    Thermal Evaporation Techniques Boat: W, Mo
    E-Beam Crucible Liner Material Tungsten
    Temp. (°C) for Given Vap. Press. (Torr) 10-8: 1,162                         10-6: 1,332                           10-4: 1,547


    1. Vanadium is also used in nuclear applications due to its low fission neutron cross section.
    2. About 80% of the vanadium produced is used as a steel additive.

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