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    Rhenium Ribbon


    Only we deliver ultra-pure grades of Rhenium Ribbon, both commercial and zone refined. Our commercial grade Rhenium Ribbon is 99.99% and our zone refined ribbon is 99.995% pure on a metallic content basis. Both grades may be ordered in either random lengths or specific cut lengths to customer specifications. Rhenium Ribbon is widely used in mass spectrometers and in many major electronics applications.
    You may chose from a variety of widths from .015” and thickness from .001” to .003” in rhenium ribbon. Each grade may also be ordered in either random lengths or pre-cut pieces to best meet your applications. Both are available in either metric or english units.
  • Basic Information

    Payment: T/T
    Delivery: in 7 days
    Origin: China
    Minimum Order: 1 pcs
    Packing: box
    Inspection: yes

    Product Description

    Appearance: silver metal ribbon
    Purity: Re 99.999% min
    Size: According to customers' requests


    Thickness (in.)  Widths (in.)
    0.001 0.015
    0.0012 0.02
    0.0016 0.025
    0.002 0.028
    0.003 0.03
    Standard tolerances (in.):
    Width ±.002, Thickness ±10%

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