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    Premium Tantalum Supplier

    - Your Source for High-Quality Tantalum

    AEM METAL offers top-notch tantalum products. They are ideal for various industries. Our tantalum is known for its strength and flexibility. We ensure high quality in each product. This guarantees longevity and reliability in every use.

    Choosing AEM METAL means you value quality and service. We specialize in meeting your specific industry needs. Our team provides personalized solutions. You will experience our dedication to quality and customer care.

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    Our Tantalum Products and Varieties

    Tantalum in Various Forms and Specifications

    AEM METAL offers tantalum in multiple forms. Our range includes sheets, rods, and wires, each with specific qualities.
    We cater to different specifications, ensuring the right fit for your project. This variety allows for flexibility and precision in your applications.

    Customized Tantalum Solutions for Unique Needs

    Your project is unique, and so is our solution. We specialize in customizing tantalum to fit your specific requirements.
    Tailored solutions ensure efficiency and effectiveness in your operations. Whether it’s a special size, shape, or grade, we tailor our tantalum to match your unique demands.

    Unmatched Quality in Tantalum Supply

    At AEM METAL, innovation is key. We constantly develop our tantalum products to stay ahead. Our focus is on creating products that offer new solutions to industry challenges.
    This approach ensures our clients have access to the latest and most effective tantalum technologies

    Our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes ensure that each piece of tantalum meets rigorous standards. We blend traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques for outstanding results.
    Beyond the ordinary. Our tantalum products offer exceptional resistance to corrosion and high temperatures, making them ideal for challenging environments. They are also highly customizable, ensuring they fit your specific needs perfectly.


    Top Quality from Start to Finish

    We start with the best materials. Our team chooses only the finest tantalum. Every step, from picking raw materials to making the final product, is watched over carefully. This makes sure every piece of tantalum we deliver is top-notch.

    Meeting Global Quality Marks

    We follow international quality rules. Our products are ISO 9001 certified. This means we meet high global standards. Our tantalum is not just good; it often goes beyond what our clients expect.

    Checking Every Detail

    We check every piece of tantalum carefully. We use special tests to make sure it's just right. Our team has strict rules to follow at each step. This keeps our quality consistent and excellent.

    Right for Your Needs

    Different industries need different things. We make our tantalum to fit these special needs. From aerospace to medicine, our products meet high industry standards. We make sure our tantalum works great for your specific use.

    Quality Assurance

    Your trust matters. If any quality issue is due to our product, we promise a free return. We stand by our tantalum's quality. This assurance is our promise of reliability and your peace of mind.


    Physical Properties of Tantalum

    Tantalum Physical Properties
    Density lb/in3 0.6
      gm/cm3 16.6
    Melting Point °F 5425
      °C 2996
    Thermal Conductivity Cal/cm2/cm°C/sec 0.13
    Specific Heat Cal/gm/°C 0.036
    Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion micro-in/°F x 10-6 6.5
      micro-in/°C x 10-6 3.6
    Electrical Resistivity micro-ohm-cm 12.4

    Mechanical Properties of Tantalum

    Tantalum Mechanical Properties
    Tensile Strength KSI (Mpa)-RT 250 (1725)
      KSI (Mpa)-500°C 150 (1035)
      KSI (Mpa)-1000°C 75 (515)
    Elongation % in 1.0". --
    Hardness DPH 300
    Modulus of Elasticity KSI 58000
      Gpa 400
    Tantalum Chemistry
    Minimum % 99.99

    Tantalum Applications and Industries

    Tantalum, a remarkable metal known for its exceptional resistance to corrosion and ability to withstand extreme temperatures, is making waves across various industries. Whether you're in the electronics, aerospace, chemical, medical, or energy sector, our tantalum materials can meet your specific requirements. With our extensive experience in serving clients across North America and Europe, we understand the stringent demands of these markets.

    Tantalum's Role in Capacitor Manufacturing

    tantalum capacitors

    In the world, 50%-70% of tantalum is used in the form of capacitor-grade tantalum powder and tantalum wire for manufacturing tantalum capacitors. The surface of tantalum can form a dense, stable amorphous oxide film with high dielectric strength. This property facilitates the accurate and convenient control of the anodizing process for capacitor anodes.

    tantalum capacitors are characterized by high capacitance, low leakage current, low equivalent series resistance, excellent high and low-temperature performance, long service life, and superior overall performance, making them unparalleled by other types of capacitors.

    Tantalum in Aerospace and Defense

    Tantalum in Aerospace

    In aerospace and defense, tantalum is key. It withstands extreme temperatures and environments. AEM METAL provides tantalum that is crucial for aerospace components and defense applications. This ensures reliability in critical missions and operations.

    Tantalum high-temperature alloys can function normally at temperatures ranging from 800 to 1000°C. Consequently, tantalum serves as an essential material for high-temperature components in aerospace, such as turbine blades, guide vanes, and turbine disks in aircraft engines.


    Tantalum in Medical Industry

    Tantalum wires

    Tantalum are used in medical instruments due to their biocompatibility. Tantalum wires are used in surgery as sutures. They are easy to sterilize, cause less irritation, and are very strong. Tantalum metal can also be shaped into sheets of various sizes and forms, used for implants in different parts of the body. They are helpful in repairing and closing up broken skulls and fractures in limbs.

    Chemical Processing Equipment

    metal containers

    Tantalum resists corrosion well. It also withstands high temperatures. These features make it great for chemical and drug industries. It's used in making containers, pipes, and valves. It's also used in linings for heat exchangers. This metal is ideal for these uses. It lasts long and handles tough chemicals.


    Making Tantalum and Its Alloys

    Traditional casting has problems with hard-to-melt alloys like tantalum. The differences in melting temperature, mixing ability, and density of elements can cause issues. Parts made this way can have uneven mixing of elements and impurities. This means their quality can't be guaranteed.

    Tantalum and its alloys have high melting points. They also strongly react with elements like hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen. Using traditional melting methods can create unwanted compounds in the tantalum. This makes the material worse. So, traditional casting isn't great for these tough metals.

    To deal with these issues, experts use other methods. These include powder metallurgy, vacuum electron beam melting, and additive manufacturing. They make high-quality tantalum and its alloys better.

    Powder Metallurgy

    This method is good for hard-to-melt metals like tantalum. It mixes tantalum powder with other metal powders. Then, it presses and heats them without fully melting. This keeps the temperature lower. After that, the metal is treated with heat and shaped to get the final product.

    Vacuum Electron Beam Melting

    This way makes tantalum and its alloys very pure. The final metal works better. But, it uses a lot of energy and is hard to control. It's also expensive, so it's not used as much.

    Additive Manufacturing

    This has been popular for 20 years, especially for high-end stuff. It uses special methods like lasers or electron beams to build metal parts. It's good for making strong, heat-resistant metals. This method is efficient and exact, but still costly.

    Your Comprehensive Guide to Purchasing Tantalum

    1. Know What You Need

      Every industry uses tantalum differently. Think about how you'll use it. Do you need it for electronics, aerospace, or something else? Understanding your needs helps you choose the right tantalum.

    2. Learn About Tantalum Types

      Tantalum comes in different grades and types. Some are stronger, and some handle heat better. Know the properties of each type to find what works best for your project.

    3. Matching with Application Needs

      Your project has specific needs. Make sure the tantalum you choose matches these. Consider size, shape, and how it reacts to things like heat or chemicals.

    4. Check Quality and Purity

      Good quality tantalum lasts longer and works better. Look for high purity levels. This means the tantalum is free from unwanted materials and will do its job well.

    5. Think About Where It Comes From

      Know where your tantalum is sourced. Choose suppliers who get tantalum responsibly. Ethical sourcing is good for the environment and for people.

    6. Balance Cost and Quality

      Sometimes, better quality costs more. Decide what's more important for your project: saving money or getting the best tantalum. Best choice for your project. Often, spending a bit more now means better results later.

    7. Expert Assistance: Getting Help from Our Tantalum Specialists

      Not sure what to choose? Our specialists can help. They know all about tantalum and can guide you to the best choice for your project.


    Purchasing Tantalum

    Frequently Asked Questions About Tantalum

    Common Queries Addressed for Your Convenience

    Q: What is tantalum mainly used for?
    Tantalum is used in electronics, aerospace, medical devices, and more.

    Q: How does tantalum perform in extreme conditions?
    It's great under high heat and resists corrosion well.

    Q: Can tantalum be recycled?
    Yes, it can be recycled and reused.

    Q: Is tantalum safe for medical applications?
    Absolutely, it's biocompatible, making it safe for medical uses.

    Q: How does tantalum compare to other metals?
    It's stronger and more heat-resistant than many other metals.

    Q: Can I order tantalum in custom shapes and sizes?
    Yes, we offer customizable options for your specific needs.

    Q: Is tantalum environmentally friendly?
    When sourced responsibly, it can be an eco-friendly option.

    Q: How long does tantalum last?
    It has a long lifespan due to its durable nature.

    Technical Insights and Expert Advice

    Q: What are the grades of tantalum available?
    We offer various grades, each suited for different applications.

    Q: How to store and handle tantalum safely?
    Store in a cool, dry place and handle with care to avoid damage.

    Q:What are the latest innovations in tantalum technology?
    We're seeing advancements in alloy development and processing techniques.

    Q: Can tantalum be combined with other metals?
    Yes, it's often alloyed to enhance its properties.

    Q: What factors affect tantalum's quality?
    Purity, processing methods, and alloy composition are key factors.

    Some FAQ related to placing orders

    Q: How to Order Tantalum from Us?
    Ordering is easy. Just contact our sales team, provide your specifications, and we'll guide you through the process.


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