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    Titanium Powder

  • Description:

    Titanium Powder is one of our main products, It's produced by hydride-dehydride (HDH) technics. We adopt some special procedure control and facilities to make sure low oxygen content.
    Granularity -20mesh, -40mesh, -60mesh, -80 mesh, -100mesh, -160mesh, - 200mesh, -260mesh, -320mesh, -400mesh.
    Remark Other Granularity Is Available As Requested.
    Purity Up To 99.9%
    Particle Size Micron grade and Nano grade
    Specifications High purity low oxygen HDH technics


    Powder Metallurgy, Biomedical, Automotive/motor Parts, Sputter targets, Aerospace&Defense, Electric vacuum material, Alloy additive, Diamond tools, Hard alloy, etc.


    Steel drum lined with plastic bag with net weight of 50kg, 100kg and 200kg package along with national issued dangerous articles package performance certificate and dangerous article use certificate, or up on customers’ requested.


    Few lab samples are free of charge
    Chemical compositions and particle size can be customized on request
    Various grades and size , comprehensive powder
    Strictly quality control system and advanced testing equipments

    Chemical properties:

    Not reacts with H2O, H2SO4, HCl and HNO3 at room temperature.
    The content of N, H, O, C will increase in the air.
    Can cause an explosion with strong oxide mixture.
    Titanium powder is stable in room temperature, flammable in high temperatures, Combustion for the silver-white sparks.

    Transportation and storage:

    Storage in a cool dry place, avoid tearing the package, avoiding contact with fire, can not mix with acid, alkali and other corrosive materials.


    Item Titanium specification Chemical composition%
    Titanium >99.5 -60—200 mesh 0<0.25,H<0.03,N<0.03,Fe<0.05
    HDH powder >99.5 -200 mesh 0<0.45,H<0.03,N<0.03,Fe<0.05
    99.4—99.2 40—200 mesh 0<0.3, H<0.04,N<0.04,Fe<0.06
    99.4—99.2 -200 mesh 0<0.45,H<0.04,N<0.045,Fe<0.06
    99—99.2 -60—200 mesh 0<0.35,H<0.05,N<0.05,Fe<0.06
    99—99.2 -200 mesh 0<0.6, H<0.05,N<0.05,Fe<0.06
    Pure titanium scrap powder 95—99 -40—150 mesh 0<0.8, H<0.1, Fe<0.9
    95—99 -150 mesh 0<0.9, H<0.1, Fe<0.8
    90—95 -40—150 mesh H<0.2, Fe<0.8, no other requirements
    90—95 -150 mesh H<0.2, Fe<0.8, no other requirements
    Titanium alloy scrap powder 87—91 -40 mesh H<0.2, Fe<0.8, no other requirements
    87—91 -200 mesh H<0.2, Fe<0.8, no other requirements
    87.5 100—200 mesh H<0.02,0<0.3, Fe<0.3,AL>5.7,V>3.6
    87.5 -200 mesh H<0.02,0<0.4, Fe<0.3,AL>5.7,V>3.6
    Spherical titanium powder >99.7 -40—325 mesh H<0.02,0<0.2, Fe<0.03,N<0.02
    >88 -40—325 mesh H<0.01,0<0.15, Fe<0.3,AL>5.6,V>3.6

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