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    Tantalum Sheet

    Tantalum Sheet
  • Tantalum Sheet
  • Tantalum Sheet
  • Leading Tantalum Sheet Supplier - Quality, Precision, and Reliability

    Custom Titanium Parts

    AEM Metal stands out in the industry, we are known for high-quality tantalum sheets. Our focus is on precision and reliability, we have years of experience in supplying high quality tantalum sheets.
    Our clients place a great deal of trust in us, especially for their most critical and challenging projects.They rely on our expertise, commitment to quality, and ability to deliver exceptional sheets.

    We source the best raw materials, and we follow strict manufacturing processes. This ensures the highest quality in every sheet, our customers know they get the best product every time.
    We offer tantalum sheets in various grades and alloys. They suit many applications, from aerospace to electronics. We ensure each sheet meets strict standards and your specific needs.


    Our Tantalum Sheet Range

    Tantalum Sheet

    Various Grades and Alloys of Tantalum Sheets

    We offer a diverse range of tantalum sheets. They come in different grades and alloys. This variety ensures a perfect match for your specific need.

    From pure tantalum to alloyed forms, each grade offers unique benefits. These include enhanced strength or corrosion resistance.

    Tantalum Sheet, Tantalum Tungsten Alloy Sheet (Ta-2.5W, Ta-10W)
    Grade: Ta1, Ta2
    Standard: ASTM B708
    Purity: Ta >99.95% or >99.99%

    Customization: Sizes, Thickness, and Finish Options

    Your needs are unique. That's why we offer customization. Choose from a range of sizes and thicknesses.
    We also provide various finishes. Whether you need a polished surface or a specific texture, we have it.


    Tantalum Sheet Specifications

    Condition:  Annealed
    Size Thickness: 0.07-10 mm
    Width: 30-1000 mm
    Length: 30-3000 mm                
    Material UNS R05200, UNS R05400
    Standard ASTM B708-98 
    Purity ≥99.95% or 99.99%

    Sizes/Tolerance(mm max)

    Thickness Tolerance Width Tolerance Length Tolerance
    GradeⅠ gradeⅡ
    >0.15-0.2 ±0.015 ±0.02 50-300 ±2.0 100-1000 ±2.0
    >0.2-0.3 ±0.020 ±0.03 50-300 ±1.0 100-1000 ±2.0
    >0.3-0.5 ±0.030 ±0.04 50-500 ±1.0 100-1500 ±2.0
    >0.5-0.8 ±0.040 ±0.06 50-500 ±1.0 50-2000 ±2.0
    >0.8-1.0 ±0.060 ±0.08 50-500 ±1.0 50-2000 ±2.0
    >1.0-1.5 ±0.080 ±0.10 50-500 ±2.0 50-2000 ±2.0
    >1.5-2.0 ±0.120 ±0.14 50-500 ±2.0 50-2000 ±2.0
    >2.0-3.0 ±0.160 ±0.18 50-500 ±2.0 50-2000 ±2.0
    >3.0-4.0 ±0.180 ±0.20 50-500 ±1.0 50-1500 ±1.0
    >4.0-6.0 ±0.200 ±0.24 50-350 ±1.0 50-1500 ±1.0

    Chemical Composition of Tantalum Sheet

    Grade Chemical Composition, Max
    Fe Si Ni W Mo Ti Nb O C H N Ta
    Ta1 0.005 0.005 0.002 0.005 0.002 0.002 0.005 0.015 0.004 0.002 0.005 Balance
    Ta2 0.005 0.005 0.005 0.005 0.002 0.002 0.010 0.030 0.010 0.002 0.010 Balance

    Why Choose Our Tantalum Sheets?

    Commitment to Quality and Excellence

    We don't just supply tantalum sheets, we ensure top-notch quality. Our sheets undergo strict quality control, ensures they meet your high standards.

    Customized Solutions for Diverse Needs

    Our tantalum sheets are crafted with precision. They are ideal for specialized applications.
    Whether it's for high-tech electronics or robust aerospace parts, our sheets deliver optimal performance.

    Advanced Manufacturing for Superior Quality

    Our manufacturing processes are state-of-the-art. We use cutting-edge technology, this results in superior quality sheets that are consistent in quality and performance.

    Certifications and Quality Standards of Our Tantalum Sheets

    Quality is non-negotiable. Our sheets adhere to international standards and certifications.
    They are ISO certified and meet ASTM guidelines. This commitment to quality means you receive a product you can trust.

    Industry-Leading Expertise and Support

    Our team has extensive industry knowledge, we provide expert advice and support. We guide you through every step, helps you make informed decisions. 


    Applications of Tantalum Sheets in Various Industries

    Medical Materials:

    Medical Materials

    Tantalum sheets are used in medical instruments due to their biocompatibility. They are ideal for implants like artificial joints, artificial ears, and pacemakers.

    Aerospace and Aviation:

    Aerospace and Aviation

    Tantalum's stability at high temperatures and corrosion resistance make it suitable for aerospace components, including engine parts and navigation instruments.

    Laboratory Use:

    Laboratory Use

    Tantalum sheets are commonly used in laboratories as sample supports, spacers, and conductive materials.

    Chemical Industry:

    Chemical Industry

    In the chemical industry, tantalum sheets are utilized for making corrosion-resistant equipment and reactors.


    Manufacturing Processes of Tantalum Sheet Based On Powder Metallurgy

    Chemical Industry

    Manufacturing Processes of Tantalum Sheet Based On Powder Metallurgy

    Advanced Powder Production

    AEM Metal uses advanced chemical reduction to create ultra-pure, uniform metal powders. This process is key for high-quality metal products.

    Mixing Alloys

    Our alloy mixing process is characterized by meticulous precision. This creates alloys with unmatched performance and reliability.

    Precision Pressing and Shaping

    Using state-of-the-art pressing techniques, we mold our metal powders into desired shapes. Our technology excels in producing complex geometries with high precision.

    Cutting-Edge Sintering Process

    Our sintering process employs advanced technology. It bonds powder grains effectively, creating dense and robust sinter blocks. This step is crucial for the durability of our products.

    Forming for Enhanced Durability

    We use unique forming methods to increase material density and strength. Our process ensures our tantalum bars can withstand rigorous applications.

    Specialized Heat Treatment

    Our heat treatment process is tailored to each product. It fine-tunes the mechanical properties of the metal, ensuring ease of subsequent processing and optimal performance.

    Precision Mechanical Processing

    AEM Metal offers specialized mechanical processing. Our services include turning, milling, grinding, cutting, joining, and coating. We focus on precision and quality in every step.

    Final Product Inspection

    Inspect the final Tantalum bar, including dimensional measurements, surface inspection, chemical composition analysis, etc. This ensures that the final product meets specifications.


    Your Comprehensive Guide to Purchasing Tantalum Sheets

    Guide to Purchasing Tantalum Sheets

    What is Tantalum Sheet? A Brief Overview

    Tantalum sheets are high-performance materials made from tantalum metal. Tantalum sheets are exceptional. They resist corrosion in harsh chemicals. The sheets are used in various demanding applications due to their unique properties. They offer a combination of strength, ductility, and resistance to corrosion and high temperatures.

    Unique Properties of Tantalum Sheet

    Corrosion Resistance and Chemical Stability:
    Tantalum sheets are highly resistant to corrosion. They withstand harsh chemicals and acidic environments. This makes them reliable in various industrial settings.

    High Melting Point and Thermal Properties:
    Tantalum has a melting point of about 2,996°C, making it suitable for high-temperature uses. Its thermal stability ensures performance in extreme conditions, including in vacuum furnaces.

    Excellent Conductivity:
    Their conductivity makes them suitable for electronic applications, especially where heat resistance is crucial.

    Strength-to-Weight Ratio and Durability:
    Tantalum's density is about 16.4 g/cm³, contributing to its strength and durability. Tantalum sheets have a high strength-to-weight ratio, offering robustness without excess weight. It's durable, even in demanding applications. This strength ensures long-term performance and reliability.


    What is the Difference Between Tantalum Plate and Tantalum Sheet?

    Definition and Thickness:

    Tantalum Plate: Tantalum plates are thicker and more robust. The thickness of a plate is usually greater than 0.187 inches (4.75 mm).
    Tantalum Sheet: Tantalum sheets are thinner, offering more flexibility. Sheets are usually less than 0.187 inches thick (4.75mm).

    Application Differences:

    Usage in Heavy-Duty Applications: Tantalum plates are ideal for heavy-duty industrial uses. This includes aerospace components, chemical processing equipment, and nuclear reactors.
    Their thickness provides added strength and resistance to extreme conditions.

    Precision Applications:

    Tantalum sheets are suitable for delicate, precision applications. This includes electronic components, medical devices, and fine chemical filtration systems. Their thinner and more pliable nature allows for precise customization.

    Mechanical Properties Strength and Resistance:

    Plates generally offer higher strength and resistance to wear and tear compared to sheets. This is due to their greater thickness and structural integrity.
    Flexibility and Malleability: Sheets, being thinner, provide more flexibility. They can be molded and shaped more easily than plates.


    Grades of Tantalum Sheet

    Our selection of tantalum sheets encompasses a variety of grades. Each is specifically suited to meet diverse application needs. Tantalum's unique properties make it invaluable across many industries.
    From aerospace to medical technology, its versatility is unmatched.

    Grade Description
    Primary Applications
    R05200 Unalloyed tantalum, pure, used primarily in chemical processing. Chemical Processing Equipment, High-temperature Furnace Parts, Surgical Devices, Electronic Capacitors
    R05400 Unalloyed tantalum, similar to R05200, with fine-grain structure. Aerospace Components, Corrosion-Resistant Equipment, Medical Implants, Vacuum Furnace Applications
    R05252(Ta-2.5W) Tantalum alloyed with 2.5% tungsten, combining durability and corrosion resistance. Industrial Processing, Energy Sector, Automotive Industry, Electrochemical Applications
    R05255(Ta-10W) Tantalum alloyed with 10% tungsten, high strength and thermal stability. High-temperature Aerospace and Military Applications, Nuclear Reactors, Missile Parts, Heat Exchangers
    R05240(Ta-40Nb) Tantalum alloyed with 40% niobium, excellent corrosion resistance. Medical Devices, Electronics, Superconducting Technology, Aerospace and Satellite Components

    Your Comprehensive Considerations Before Purchasing Tantalum Plate/Sheet

    When buying tantalum plates or sheets, it's crucial to make well-informed decisions. This ensures you get the right material for your needs.

    Guide to Purchasing Tantalum Sheets

    Industry-Specific Requirements:

    Different industries have unique demands. For instance, the aerospace industry might prioritize high-temperature resistance, while the medical field may focus on biocompatibility.

    Performance Under Stress:

    Assess how the material performs under operational stress, including mechanical wear and tear.

    Chemical Exposure:

    Identify all chemicals the tantalum will be exposed to. Some grades offer better resistance to certain chemicals.

    Environmental Conditions:

    Consider the environmental factors, such as humidity or saltwater exposure, which might affect corrosion.

    Operating Temperature Range:

    Determine the temperature range the material will be exposed to. Some tantalum grades can withstand extremely high temperatures.

    Thermal Expansion:

    Understand how the material expands or contracts with temperature changes, which could impact its performance.

    Matching Properties to Needs:

    Thoroughly match the specific properties of each tantalum grade to your application's requirements.

    Precise Measurements:

    Tantalum sheets and plates come in various sizes and thicknesses. Precision in measurements ensures compatibility with your designs.

    Purity Impact:

    Higher purity tantalum might be necessary for certain high-tech applications, impacting performance and cost.


    FAQs About Tantalum Sheets

    • What are the standard sizes of your tantalum sheets? 

      We offer a range of sizes. Length: Length:30-3000 mm, Width:610-1000 mm, Thickness: 0.07-4.75 mm. Custom dimensions are also available.

    • Are there different grades of tantalum available? 

      Yes, we offer various grades. Each is suited for different applications. The common grades include: R05200, R05400, R05255 (Ta10W), R05252 (Ta2.5W), R05240 (Ta40Nb).

    • Do you offer samples before placing a large order? 

      Yes, we do offer samples before placing a large order. This allows you to assess the quality and suitability of our tantalum products for your specific needs.
      Please feel free to contact us for sample requests.

    • Can Tantalum be combined with other metals? 

      Yes, it's often alloyed to enhance its properties. Common metals alloyed with tantalum include tungsten, niobium, and molybdenum.

    • Are custom finishes available for tantalum plates? 

      Absolutely. We offer a variety of finishes to meet specific application needs.

    • What factors affect tantalum's quality? 

      Purity, manufacturing process, grain structure, and alloy composition are key factors.

    • How do I determine the right thickness for my application?  

      Our experts can guide you based on your application's requirements.

    • What is the lead time for an order?  

      Lead times vary based on order size and specifications. We strive for prompt delivery.

    • How are the plates packaged to ensure safety during transit?  

      we use custom packaging with high-quality materials such as wooden crates, reinforced cardboard boxes, and shock-absorption measures.

    • Is there a warranty period for the tantalum products?  

      Yes, we offer a warranty. We stand by the quality of our products and can discuss warranty options based on your specific needs.


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    Get a quote now or let us know what you’re looking for and we will get back to you soon!

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