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    Titanium Foil

    Titanium Foil
  • Titanium Foil
  • Titanium Foil
  • Titanium Foil
  • Titanium Foil
  • Titanium Foil

    We are committed to providing titanium foil products with the highest quality. AEM strives to provide our customers with personalized material solutions designed to suit their needs and manufacturing processes.

    Titanium Foil Specifications

    Standard GB/T 3622/ASTM B265/ASME SB265
    Grade TA1、TA2、TA3、TA4、TA4G、TA9、TA10、GR1、GR2、GR3、GR4、GR5、GR7、GR11、GR12
    Thickness 0.01mm~0.5mm
    Width 0.05~0.99 (10 mm~600 mm) / 1.0~6.0 (≤1500 mm)
    Length L max
    Technique Cold rolling & hot rolling
    Surface Bright / matte
    Shape Coil sheet
    Application Metallurgy, electronics, chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, etc.

    Titanium Foil Properties

    Grade Status Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation Area of Reduction
    Ksi Mpa Ksi Mpa %
    Gr.1 Annealed 35 240 25 170 24 30
    Gr.2 50 345 40 275 20 30
    Gr.3 65 450 55 380 18 30
    Gr.4 80 550 70 483 15 25

    Titanium Foil Features

    Corrosion resistance
    Low modulus of elasticity
    Good heat-exchanger performance
    Suction performance
    Bear high & low temperature 
    Non-magnetic and non-toxic

    Titanium Foil Detection

    We perform a visual inspection to check the surface quality and ensure no flaw, blackspots, and any other defects.
    We also do chemical composition detection, making sure all chemical components meet demands.
    Mechanical features testing, making sure all titanium foils have satisfying mechanical features before delivery.

    Quality Assurance of Titanium Foil

    At AEM, we perform these tasks to ensure quality according to globally recognized standards, such as ASTM, AMS, ASME, JIS, MIL.
    Chemical Composition, Mechanical properties, making sure no defects inside the products.
    ISO Quality Management System.
    Art equipment & skilled production teams produce extreme titanium foil as thin as 0.01mm. We are skilled in critical application product development and production problem solving, ensuring availability, consistency, and quality. We are also capable of providing either annealed or tempered titanium foil as per the exact required specifications.

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