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    Molybdenum Disc & Square

    Molybdenum Disc & Square
  • Molybdenum Disc & Square
  • Molybdenum Disc & Square
  • Molybdenum Disc & Square
  • Molybdenum Disc & Square
  • Molybdenum Disc/Square

    Molybdenum is gray-metallic and has the third-highest melting point of any element next to tungsten and tantalum. It is found in various oxidation states in minerals but does not exist naturally as a free metal. Molybdenum allows readily to form hard and stable carbides. For this reason, Molybdenum is frequently used for making steel alloys, high strength alloys, and superalloys. Molybdenum compounds usually have a low solubility in water. Industrially, they are used in high-pressure and high-temperature applications such as pigments and catalysts.
    Our Molybdenum Discs and Molybdenum Squares have a similar low coefficient of thermal expansion to silicon and high-performance machining properties. We offer both a polishing surface and a lapping surface.
    Standard: ASTM B386
    Material: >99.95%
    Density: >10.15g/cc

    Molybdenum Disc/Square Applications

    Molybdenum Discs/Squares have a similar low coefficient of thermal expansion to silicon and better machining properties. For that reason, it’s usually used for heat dissipation as an electronic component of high power and high-reliability semiconductor, contact materials in silicon controlled rectifiers diodes, transistors, and thyristors (GTO’S), mounting material for power semiconductor heat sink bases in IC’S, LSI’S, and hybrid circuits.

    Molybdenum Disc/Square Specifications

    Molybdenum disc: Diameter 7 ~ 100 mm, thickness 0.15 ~ 4.0 mm
    Molybdenum square: 25 ~ 100 mm2, thickness 0.15 ~ 1.5 mm
    Flatness tolerance: ±0.01 mm
    Roughness: Ra< 0.01 um

    Chemical Composition of Molybdenum Disc/Square

    Element Content(%)(No more than)
    Mo-1 Mo-2
    Fe 0.005 0.02
    Ni 0.002 0.005
    Al 0.002 0.005
    Si 0.002 0.01
    Ca 0.002 0.005
    Mg 0.001 0.003
    P 0.001 0.002
    C 0.006 0.01
    O 0.006 0.08
    N 0.003
    Pb 0.001
    Bi 0.001
    Sn 0.001
    Sb 0.001
    Cd 0.001

    Molybdenum Disc/Square

    Our Mo discs and Mo squares are carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation and preserve our products' quality in the original condition.

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