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    Molybdenum Sputtering Target
  • Description:

    Molybdenum is a lustrous, silvery coloured metal which has an abundance of 1.5 ppm in the earth's crust. In many instances, it shows a resemblance to tungsten with which it tends to be paired in the transition series in the periodic table, but their chemistries tend to show more distinct differences than might be expected. Molybdenum has a high melting point and applications for the pure metal take advantage of this; for example, the pure material is used as resistance heating elements in furnaces, as filament supports in electric lamps, and as electrodes for mercury vapour lamps. Molybdenum is used as an alloying agent in certain grades of steel.


    Molybdenum sputtering target can be applied in vacuum coating industry, X ray tube, ion sputtering, flat panel display industry and photovoltaic industry. Molybdenum sputtering target can be used as thin-film solar cell electrode, wiring material and barrier layer material of semiconductor.


    Pure molybdenum sputtering targets
    Mo >99.95%
    Molybdenum alloy sputtering targets
    Molybdenum Niobium (Mo-Nb) Sputtering Targets: 90at% Mo:10at% Nb
    Molybdenum Chromium (Mo-Cr) Sputtering Targets: Mo 97 wt% Mo: 3 wt% Cr
    Molybdenum compounds sputtering targets
    Molybdenum Telluride (MoTe2) Sputtering Targets, purity: >99.999%
    Molybdenum Selenide (MoSe2) Sputtering Targets, purity: >99.999%
    Molybdenum Boride (Mo2B5) Sputtering Targets, purity: >99.5%
    Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) Sputtering Targets, purity: >99.9%
    Molybdenum Silicide (MoSi2) Sputtering Targets, purity: >99.5%


    Disc target
    Diameter: 10mm to 360mm
    Thickness: 1mm to 10mm

    Planar target
    Width: 20mm to 600mm
    Length: 20mm to 2000mm
    Thickness: 1mm to 10mm

    Rotary target
    Outer diameter: 20mm to 400mm
    Wall thickness: 1mm to 30mm
    Length: 100mm to 3000mm

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