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    Hafnium Crystal Bar


    Hafnium Crystal Bars are rod shaped bars of varying sizes that have a distinct light blue coloring. They are formed through the iodide process, in which impure hafnium is heated within an evacuated vessel with a halogen at temperatures up to 250°C.


    Name Hafnium, crystal Bar
    Formula Hf
    Molecular Weight 178.49
    Color & Form Gray to silver solid
    Boiling Point 4602° C
    Melting Point 2227° C
    Specific Gravity 13.31 gm/ml
    Solubility Insoluble
  • Grade:

    Hf+Zr>99.98%, Zr<0.5% / 1.0% / 1.5%


    Diameter: 0.8 to 1.9''(20mm to 48mm)
    Length: up to 39.37'' (1000mm)
    Available in chopped sizes, normal 1-2'' (25mm-51mm) lengths.


    1. Used as raw materials to manufacture high purity hafnium products.
    2. Hafnium metal can used in control rods in the nuclear reactors due to its strong ability to caputure neutron.
    3. Used for producing super alloys.

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