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    Vanadium Foil
    Pure vanadium is a bright white metal, and is soft and ductile. It has good corrosion resistance to alkalis, sulfuric and hydrochloric acid, and salt water, but the metal oxidizes readily above 660°C.
    AEM can provide vanadium products with high quality and competitive prices.
    Material Vanadium 
    Purity >99.9%
    Density 6.10-6.11g/cc
    Surface Customized
    Shape Foil
  • Sizes

    Width ≤500mm; Length≤1000mm
    Thickness 0.1mm-20mm(0.004” - 0.8”)


    1. Vanadium foil is also used to bond titanium to steel.
    2. Super alloy of atomic industrial and aviation
    3.  Chemical equipment electronic materials, parts, analysis of standard sample
    4.  Shielding material

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