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    Vanadium Ingot

    Vanadium Ingot
  • Vanadium Ingot
  • Vanadium Ingot

    Vanadium is a soft, and ductile, bright silver-white metal.It has good resistance to corrosion by alkalis, sulphuric, and hydrochloric acid. Vanadium has good structural strength, and a low fission neutron cross-section, making it useful in nuclear applications. Vanadium ingot is quite strong and is used in making power tools in real life.
    AEM provides vanadium products with high-quality and competitive prices.

    Vanadium Ingot Specifications

    Material Vanadium
    Purity 99.70%
    Theoretical Density(g/cc) 5.96
    Melting Point 1890C
    Shape Ingot

    Vanadium Ingot Applications

    1. Superalloy of atomic industrial, and aviation.
    2. Chemical equipment electronic materials, parts, analysis of the standard sample.
    3. As a welding and crafting ingredient.

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