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    Spherical Silver Powder

    Spherical Silver Powder
  • Spherical Silver Powder
  • Spherical Silver Powder
  • Spherical Silver Powder
  • Silver Powder

    Silver is a soft, malleable metal with a characteristic sheen. It has the highest thermal and electrical conductivities of all metals. It is generally found autonomous or in the sulfide or arsenide ores from which it can be recovered as a cyanide complex that is subsequently reduced to the metal, in an aqueous solution, by using zinc. The pure metal is stable to water and oxygen but is attacked in the air by sulfur-bearing compounds to form the characteristic black layer of silver sulfide. It is soluble in sulfuric and nitric acids.

    Some silver salts are sensitive to light (e.g. AgI, AgCl, and AgBr) and fundamental to photography. Other applications and industries in which silver is used include the manufacture of jewelry (both as the pure metal and as a constituent of various alloys), the electrical industry (e.g. in the manufacture of contacts), and for the silvering of glass.

    Silver Powder Application:

    1. Conductive paste: Preparation microelectronics, components production in wiring, packaging, connection, and other electronic paste.
    2. Antibacterial antivirus: All kinds of paper, plastic, textiles of the additive to antibacterial antivirus.
    3. As a new anti-infective product, it has a broad spectrum, no drug resistance, not affected by ph value influence, antibacterial, durable, not black oxide, and so on many kinds of performance.
    4. Can be successfully used in construction, the protection of cultural relics, medical products
    5. Mouldproof materials in plastic, ceramic, textile, rubber, medical dressing, coating, adhesive.
    6. High purity analysis reagent.

    Most of our customers are alloy production companies and coating companies from all over the world. We provide high-density silver metal powders with customized sizes. If you did not find the size you need, please email us. We'll be delighted to provide help..

    Silver Metal powder

    Silver powder is resistant to acid, alkali, and salt corrosion. It is generally used for aero-engine parts and large extrusion machines in the chemical industry.

    Grade Product Name Chemical Composition Particle Size
    Ag-1 Silver powder Al:≥ 99.0%         0-800nm
    Customized sizes avaliable

    Silver Based Alloy Powder

    The working temperature of Silver-copper powder is up to 500℃. This kind of powder is always used for wear-resistant seal coatings and brazing.
    Grade Product Name Chemical Composition (wt%) Temperature
    Ag-2 CuAg alloy powder Ag: Bal
    Cu: 18
    ≤ 500℃

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