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    Tungsten Tube

    Tungsten Tube
  • Tungsten Tube
  • Tungsten Tube
  • Tungsten Tube
  • Tungsten Tube
  • Tungsten Tubes & Pipes

    A tungsten tube, also called a tungsten pipe, is a type of cylinder-shaped tube made from the chemical element tungsten. Tungsten tubes are really strong and durable. They are used in many different industries because of their exceptional strength and durability.

    AEM offers custom-made tungsten tubes and tungsten pipes for high-temperature applications. Our products are designed with precision and tailored specifications to meet your specific needs.
    Purity: W>99.95%
    Density: >18.5g/cc
    Hardness: >450HV
    Supply state: Sintering or processing

    Tungsten Tube Applications:

    Tungsten tubes are used in many industries because they can handle high temperatures. Here are some examples of how they are used:

    Tungsten Tube Production Process

    Isotactic pressing - Intermediate frequency sintering - Machining - Finishing.

    Tungsten Tube Supplier - AEM's Advantages

    Looking for a reliable supplier of tungsten tubes? Your search ends with AEM. We provide top-quality tubes customized to your needs, with strict quality control and on-time delivery.

    With years of experience, we cater to diverse industry requirements. Choose AEM for quality, expertise, and reliability. Our tungsten tubes offer high purity, density, strength, and erosion resistance. The polished surface ensures a smooth, crack-free inside and outside wall. 

    tungsten tube

    Tungsten Tube Specifications

    Diameter(mm) Thickness (mm) Length (mm)
    30~100 8~15 <2000
    100~200 10~20  
    200~300 15~20  
    300~500 15~30  

    Tungsten Capillary Tube

    Size: 3-15mm OD x 0.4-1.8mm wall thickness x 700-800mm L

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