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    Hafnium Carbide Powder

    Hafnium Carbide Powder
  • Hafnium Carbide Powder
  • Hafnium Carbide Powder

    It is produced by reacting hafnium oxide and carbon at high temperatures. It is an excellent refractory material. 
    AEM manufactures Hafnium Carbide with high-quality.          

    Hafnium Carbide Powder Specifications

    Molecular Weight (g/mol.) 190.54
    Electrical Resistively (x10-6cm) 1.09
    Density (g/cm3) 12.2
    Melting Point (°C) ~3890
    Softening Temp (°C) ~1700- 2500
    Boiling Point (°C) 4603
    Appearance Black odorless powder 
    Solubility In Water Insoluble 
    Crystallography Cubic

    Sizes and Grade of Hafnium Carbide Powder

    Grade Sizes
    99-99.9%, Zr<0.5% 50-500 mesh

    Hafnium Carbide Powder Applications

    Hafnium carbide is used in hard coatings, often applied by processes such as plasma spraying.

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