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    Chromium Diboride Powder

    Chromium Diboride Powder
  • Chromium Diboride Powder
  • Chromium Diboride Powder

    Metal boride coatings are widely used for their high hardness, good wear, and corrosion resistance. Chromium diboride is recognized for its superior performance in corrosive-wear environments.
    AEM provides Chromium products as well as Chromium Diboride powder with high-quality and competitive prices.

    Chromium Diboride Powder Properties

    Material  Chromium Diboride
    Purity ≥99.9%
    Chemical Formula CrB2
    Melting Point 1550℃
    Density 5.15 g/cm3
    Appearance Gray Powder

    Chromium Diboride Powder Specifications

    Purity: ≥99.9%
    Particle size: -100 Mesh, -325 Mesh

    Chromium Diboride Powder Applications

    1. Plasma technology
    2. High-performance electrodes in electron microscopes
    3. Metal matrix composites (MMCs)
    4. Cutting tools and cermets for machining aluminum

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