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    Zirconium Fasteners

    Zirconium Fasteners
  • Zirconium Fasteners
  • Zirconium Fasteners
  • Zirconium Fasteners
  • Zirconium Fasteners
  • Zirconium Fasteners

    Zirconium fasteners are most known for their resistance to some of the harshest environments, including hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, formic acid, and nitric acid. It is also ideal for use in the nuclear power industry, and it is superconductive at lower temperatures, which means it’s perfect for super magnets. The nuclear industry utilizes zirconium fasteners due to the materials' inability to absorb neutrons.

    Application of Zirconium Fasteners

    - Compounds.
    - Metal.
    - Nuclear applications.
    - Space and aeronautic industries.
    - Biomedical applications.
    - Defunct applications.

    Zirconium Fasteners List

      Bolts   Hex head bolts, hex head cap screws, heavy hex bolts, carriage bolts, custom bolts
      Socket Cap Products   Socket cap screws, flat socket cap screws, button socket cap screws, socket head shoulder screws, custom socket cap screws
      Machine Screws   Hex head machine screws, flat slotted machine screws, fillister phillips machine screws, flat phillips machine screws, pan slotted
      machine screws, pan phillips machine screws, fillister slotted machine screws, binding slotted machine screws, truss slotted
      machine screws, custom machine screws
      Nuts   Hex nuts, heavy hex nuts, hex jam nuts, machine screw nuts, hex slotted nuts, hex thick nuts, hex nuts-all-metal lock, hex
      nuts-delf-locking, custom nuts
      Pipe Plugs   Solid hex pipe plugs, solid square pipe plugs, socket pipe plugs
      Wahsers   Flat type narrow washers, lock washers, custom washers
      U-bolts   U bolts, other bolts
      Set Screws   Hex socket cup point set screws, square head cup point set screws, slotted cup point set screws, customs set screws
      Threaded Rods   Threaded rods
      Threaded Studs   Full thread studs, full thread stud bolts, double end studs, custom studs
      Sheet Metal Screws   Flat slotted sheet metal screws, flat phillips sheet metal screws, pan slotted sheet metal screws, pan phillips sheet metal screws,
      hex head sheet metal screws, flat socket sheet metal screws, custom sheet metal screws
      Custom Fasteners  

    Package of Zirconium Fasteners

    Our Zirconium fasteners are carefully handled to prevent damage during storage and transportation and preserve our products' quality in original condition.

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