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    Hafnium (Hf) is a lustrous silver grey, a ductile, transition metal. Hafnium is found in most Zirconium minerals. It is not easy to separate these two elements due to their chemical resemblance. The Hafnium metal is further purified to crystal bars using the van Arkel/de Boer iodine process.  The crystal bars are then consolidated, electron beam (EB) melted and processed to wires, bars, plates, and other metal forms. Hafnium is traditionally used in high-temperature superalloys and nuclear control rods.  
    AEM provides pure hafnium products and hafnium alloy, hafnium fluoride with high quality and competitive prices.
    Below are some of our standard hafnium and hafnium alloy products. If you require customized products, please contact us by email.

    Physical Properties of Hafnium

    Hafnium Physical Properties
    Density gm/cc 6.11
    Melting Point °C 2227
    Boiling Point °C 4602
    Thermal Conductivity W/cm/K @ 298.2 K 0.307
    Specific Heat Cal/gm/°C 0.116
    Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion micro-in/°F x 10-6 5.9
    Heat of Vaporization K-Cal/gm atom at 3380 oC 106
    Electronegativity Paulings 1.6
    Electrical Resistivity micro-ohm-cm 25.4

    Mechanical Properties of Hafnium

    Hafnium Mechanical Properties Metric imperial
    Tensile Strength 485 Mpa 70300 psi
    Yield Strength 125 MPa 18100 psi
    Elongation at Break 25% 25%
    Poisson's Ratio 0.265 0.265
    Shear Modulus 54- 58 Gpa 7.83204- 8.41219 psi

    Applications of Hafnium

    1. In filaments and electrodes
    2. In superalloys
    3. As the electrode in plasma cutting
    4. In gas-filled and incandescent lamps
    5. In vacuum tubes as a getter
    6. In control rods in nuclear power plants

    Products List of Hafnium

    High Purity Hafnium and Hafnium Alloys:

    Shapes: Hafnium foil, hafnium wire, hafnium disc, hafnium sputtering targets, low zirconium hafnium in wire, and customized Hafnium parts

    Crystal Hafnium Bar:

    High purity crystal hafnium bar, low zirconium hafnium, other hafnium products made from crystal hafnium.
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