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    Rhenium Plate

    Rhenium Plate
  • Rhenium Plate
  • Rhenium Plate

    Rhenium sheet, plate is mainly used as electrode materials in high temperature and harsh conditions, for production of electronic components and ultra high temperature heater tube with metal evaporation in semiconductor and electronics industry. The high temperature heating parts need to work under special conditions compared with other materials, pure Rhenium heatings has better electrical performance, longer life expectancy. These significant properties are more resistant to harsh working atmosphere and favored by the users. Rhenium foil is mainly used for chemical vapor phase deposition coating and film (CVD) and physical vapor deposition (PVD)process ,including hot electron beam evaporation, low temperature organic evaporation, atomic layer deposition (ALD) and metal organic chemical vapor deposition product (MOCVD),etc .Others can be used for manufacturing special parts in aerospace equipment.

    Chemical purity Re 99.99% min (calculated by subtraction method, except gas element),density 21g/cc min.

    Size: T (0.01-20)*W (0.5-200) mm. Can be customized as per requirement.

    Rhenium Plate Purity

    Purity: Re>99.95%

    Rhenium Plate Dimension

    Dimension Range, mm
    Thickness 0.02~10
    Width 10~300
    Length 10~1000

    Rhenium Plate Specifications

    Material Purity
    Rhenium Sheet .010”  3N5, 4N
    Rhenium Sheet .011" 4N
    Rhenium Sheet .015" 4N
    Rhenium Sheet .020" 4N
    Rhenium Sheet .030" 4N
    Rhenium Sheet .040"   3N5, 4N
    Rhenium Sheet .050" 4N
    Rhenium Sheet .060" 4N
    Rhenium Sheet .063" 4N

    Chemical Composition of Rhenium Plate

    Typical Chemical Analysis

    Trace impurities (%, max)
    Element Value Element Value Element Value Element Value
    Na 0.0005 Ti 0.0001 Cu 0.0005 Sb 0.0001
    Mg 0.0001 V 0.0005 Zn 0.0002 Ta 0.0001
    Al 0.0005 Cr 0.0015 As 0.0001 W 0.0020
    Si 0.0005 Mn 0.0001 Zr 0.0002 Pb 0.0001
    P 0.0005 Fe 0.0020 Mo 0.0020 Bi 0.0001
    K 0.0005 Co 0.0001 Cd 0.0001 Se 0.0001
    Ca 0.0005 Ni 0.0010 Sn 0.0001 Tl 0.0001
    Gas element (%,max)
    C 0.003 N 0.001 O 0.002 H 0.001

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