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    Rhenium Sheet & Plate


    Rhenium Plate used to make high temperature heating parts need to work under particular conditions, e.g. semiconductor industry. Compared with other materials, pure rhenium heaters have the outstanding properties of better electric performance. Rhenium sputter target can be used to make rhenium thin film to be applied to high technology field. We offer Rhenium and Molybdenum-Rhenium in plate, sheet, foil and ribbon. For over 45 years, we have been delivering high performance refractory metals to customers who desire an alloy that can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments.
    One source, superior quality and the expertise to meet the growing demands in high performance high temperature materials. With a proven track record of satisfied customers around the world, We are the expert in Rhenium and Molybdenum-Rhenium plate, sheet and foil manufactured products.
  • Purity

    Purity: Re>99.95%


    Dimension Range, mm
    Thickness 0.02~10
    Width 10~300
    Length 10~1000


    Material Purity
    Rhenium Sheet .010”  3N5, 4N
    Rhenium Sheet .011" 4N
    Rhenium Sheet .015" 4N
    Rhenium Sheet .020" 4N
    Rhenium Sheet .030" 4N
    Rhenium Sheet .040"   3N5, 4N
    Rhenium Sheet .050" 4N
    Rhenium Sheet .060" 4N
    Rhenium Sheet .063" 4N

    Chemical Composition:

    Main content: Re 99.95% min(excluding gas elements)
    Maximum trace metallic impurities,analysed by ICP-MS
    Na 0.00% Ti 0.00% Cu 0.00% Sb 0.00%
    Mg 0.00% V 0.00% Zn 0.00% Ta 0.00%
    Al 0.00% Cr 0.00% As 0.00% W 0.00%
    Si 0.00% Mn 0.00% Zr 0.00% Pb 0.00%
    P 0.00% Fe 0.00% Mo 0.00% Bi 0.00%
    K 0.00% Co 0.00% Cd 0.00% Se 0.00%
    Ca 0.00% Ni 0.00% Sn 0.00% Tl 0.00%
    Maximum gas elements,analysed by LECO

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