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    Titanium Sputtering Target

    Titanium Sputtering Target
  • Titanium Sputtering Target
  • Titanium Sputtering Target
  • Titanium Sputtering Target
  • Titanium Sputtering Target
  • Titanium Sputtering Target

    Titanium is a common material found in many products, including watches, drill bits, laptops, and bicycles, just to name a few. In pure form, it is lustrous and silvery-white in appearance. It has a melting point of 1,660°C, a density of 4.5 g/cc, and vapor pressure of 10-4 Torr at 1,453°C. It is a durable material that is easily fabricated when the heat is applied. Its strong, lightweight characteristics and excellent corrosion resistance make it ideal for ocean liner hulls, aircraft engines, and designer jewelry. Titanium is biocompatible so that it can be found in surgical tools and implants. Titanium is generally evaporated in a vacuum for the purposes of wear and decorative, semiconductor, and optical coatings.

    Titanium Sputtering Target Properties

    Material Type Titanium Theoretical Density (g/cc) 4.5
    Symbol Ti Z Ratio 0.628
    Atomic Weight 47.867 Sputter DC
    Atomic Number 22 Max Power Density* 50
    Color/Appearance Silvery Metallic (Watts/Square Inch)
    Thermal Conductivity 21.9 W/m.K Type of Bond Indium, Elastomer
    Melting Point (°C) 1,660 Comments Alloys with W/Ta/Mo; evolves gas on first heating.
    Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 8.6 x 10-6/K    

    Titanium Sputtering Target Specifications

    Product Name Titanium Sputtering Target
    CAS 7440-32-6 Confirm
    Diameter 50 mm ± 1mm Confirm
    Thickness 3 mm ± 0.5mm Confirm
    Purity >99.99% Confirm
    Density 4.056 g/cm³ Confirm
    Molecular Weight 47.867 g/mol Confirm
    Melting Point 1668 °C Confirm
    Shape Round Confirm
    Size and Shape Targets diameter and thickness can be customized according to customers’requirements
    Backing Plate Copper (as per customer requirement)
    Conclusion The specifications conform with enterprise standard
    Main Inspect Verifier Manager QC

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