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    Tantalum Powder

    Tantalum Powder
  • Tantalum Powder
  • Enhance Your Products with Our Tantalum Powder

    Elevate your business with our tantalum powder, known for its impressive strength and high ductility. This unique combination ensures that your products benefit from both robustness and flexibility.

    What makes our Tantalum Powder unique? It's the meticulous attention to detail in our manufacturing process, paired with rigorous quality control. This results in a product that is not only reliable but also superior in performance.

    We offer two types: 'Capacitor Tantalum' for high-performance electronics and 'Metallurgical Tantalum' for robust structural uses. Choose our tantalum powder to boost the quality and efficiency of your projects. Let's take your manufacturing to the next level, NOW!

    Tantalum Powder Specifications

    Formula: Ta
    Purity: 99.9% - 99.99%
    Particle Size: -60 mesh, -150 mesh or -325 mesh (Custom sizes available)
    CAS Number: CAS-7440-25-7
    Grade: Metallurgical Grade, Capacitor Grades
    Appearance: Dark grey metallic powder
    Melting Point: 3017°C / 5463°F
    Boiling Point: 5458°C / 9856°F

    Capacitor Grade Tantalum Powder

    Physical and Chemical Properties

    Bulk Density Average Particle Size Impurities (ppm) <
    g/cm3 μm O N
    1.8-3.5 5.0-9.5 1600 60
    1.5-3.0 3.5-6.0 2200 150
    1.5-2.5 3.0-6.0 2000 150
    1.5-2.5 3.0-5.5 2200 150
    1.3-2.0 2.0-4.5 2200 200
    1.5-2.0 2.0-4.0 2500 300
    1.5-2.0 2.0-4.0 2500 300
    1.3-2.0 1.5-3.5 2800 400

    Electrical Properties

    Detecting Condition Standard
    Briquetting Weight Briquetting Density Sintering Condition Energized Voltage/Test Voltage Capacitance Dc Leakage  
    2 6.5 1850/30 240/170 5000 6×10-4
    1 5.5 1750/30 200/140 800 4.5×10-4
    0.2 5.5 1750/30 200/140 8000 4×10-4
    1 5.5 1700/30 160/112 10000 4×10-4
    0.5 5 1600/30 160/112 15000 5.5×10-4
    0.15 5 1500/30 140/98 20000 5×10-4
    0.15 5 1450/30 100/70 30000 5×10-4
    0.15 5 1400/30 70/49 40000 5×10-4

    Metallurgical Grade Tantalum Powder

    Grades and main content

    Grade FTa-01 FTa-02 FTa-1
    Main Content Ta, %, Minimum 99.95 99.95 99.95
    Impurity Content,
    O 0.100 0.120 0.180
    C 0.005 0.005 0.008
    N 0.005 0.005 0.008
    H 0.003 0.003 0.003
    Fe 0.004 0.004 0.005
    Ni 0.003 0.003 0.005
    Cr 0.003 0.003 0.005
    Nb 0.003 0.003 0.005
    W 0.002 0.002 0.002
    Mo 0.001 0.001 0.002
    Si 0.003 0.003 0.005
    Mn 0.001 0.001 0.001
    Ti 0.001 0.001 0.001
    Fsss(m) 3.0-10.0 3.0-10.0 3.0-10.0
    Sieve Mesh -80 -80 -80
    Application Tantalum processing and alloying additives

    Physical Properties

    Bulk Density (g/cm3) Average Particle Size (μm)
    5.0-7.5 6.0-13.0
    4.5-7.0 6.0-12.0
    3.5 -7.0 5.0-12.0
    3.5-7.0 5.0-12.0

    Choosing AEM Metal's Tantalum Powder: What Makes Us Stand Out

    Quality is key at AEM Metal. We use the latest technology and strict checks to make sure our Tantalum Powder is always top-notch. You can trust our powder for your important projects.

    High-Quality Raw Material Selection

    We prioritize selecting fine-grained, high-purity raw materials to guarantee the superior quality of our tantalum powder.

    Leading-Edge Tantalum Powder Production Process

    Our company uses a top-notch sodium reduction production process. This makes our tantalum powder very pure, with lower specific surface areas and larger grain size.

    Exceptional Purity Levels

    Our tantalum powder boast an impressive purity of up to 99.99%, ensuring top-tier quality and performance in every application.

    Tailored to Specific Applications

    Recognizing the diverse needs of our clients, we specialize in application-specific solutions, tailoring our tantalum powder to your unique requirements.

    Competitive Pricing and Value

    We believe in offering our high-quality product at competitive prices. Our Tantalum Powder is not just about superior performance; it's also about providing value to our customers. This approach makes our product an excellent choice for businesses looking for both quality and affordability.

    Certifications and Quality Standards

    Each tube is crafted to align with rigorous international standards, boasting both ISO certification and adherence to ASTM guidelines.

    Industry-Leading Expertise and Support

    Our team's expertise in tantalum manufacturing is backed by over 15 years of experience. We guiding clients from selection through to application, ensuring optimal use of our tantalum products.

    Tantalum Powder Applications

    Tantalum Capacitors

    Compact and stable, tantalum powder is ideal for capacitors in small, high-reliability electronics, like medical devices and telecoms.

    Tantalum Mill Products

    Tantalum powder produces corrosion-resistant mill products, essential for harsh conditions in chemical processing and aerospace.

    Tantalum Sputtering Targets

    Crucial for semiconductor manufacturing, these targets create uniform, corrosion-resistant films in high-performance electronics.

    3D Printing

    Tantalum's biocompatibility makes it perfect for medical 3D printing, offering personalized, durable implants.

    Electronics Manufacturing

    Vital in resistors and circuit boards, tantalum ensures reliability and longevity in computers and smartphones.

    Alloy Additives

    Tantalum enhances other metals, used in high-stress environments like jet engines and nuclear reactors for improved strength and heat resistance.

    Types of Tantalum Powder and Their Production Technology

    Medium Voltage Tantalum Powder

    Medium voltage tantalum powder is essential for certain capacitors (32-40V). It's made using advanced techniques, not just basic methods. This powder is gaining popularity in capacitor manufacturing.

    We've upgraded our production to include high-temperature sintering and hydrogen crushing. This results in flaked tantalum powder. Though more costly and complex, this powder is crucial. It has better physical properties for medium-voltage capacitors.

    High Voltage Tantalum Powder

    High voltage tantalum powder is for capacitors needing 50-75V. It has bigger grains than medium voltage powder. This helps it handle higher voltages and stress better.

    Our high voltage powder is made with extra steps, on top of the usual purification. We use ball milling and classification methods. These improve its capacitance and reduce leakage. This powder is simple, pure, and great for solid electrolyte capacitors over 50V.

    Capacitor Grade Tantalum Powder

    Capacitor grade tantalum powder is the highest purity powder, specifically tailored for manufacturing capacitors used in critical and high-performance applications. These powders are characterized by their ultra-fine grain size, high surface area, and exceptional purity, which are vital for achieving high capacitance per unit volume.

    Our capacitor grade tantalum powders, produced using the sodium reduction method, are perfect for making capacitors with voltages from 4V to 40V. It suits high-quality chip-type, dipped, and polymer capacitors. It offers benefits like good moldability, high capacitance, low leakage, and resistance.

    Metallurgical Grade Tantalum Powder

    Metallurgical grade tantalum powder is designed for industrial use. This powder is primarily used in tantalum products or metal alloys. It helps improve the strength and resistance of these alloys.

    AEM Metal uses advanced chemical reduction to create ultra-pure, uniform tantalum powders. So we can offers tantalum in multiple forms includes sheets, rods, bars, and wires.

    What is Tantalum Powder: A Comprehensive Guide for Buyer

    What is Tantalum Powder? A Brief Overview

    Tantalum powder is the finely ground version of elemental tantalum, distinguished by its steel-gray color. It is denoted by the chemical symbol 'Ta' and plays a crucial role in various industrial applications. Tantalum, positioned in Group VB of the periodic table, has an atomic number of 73 and an atomic weight of 180.9479. It forms a body-centered cubic crystal structure.

    The hardness of tantalum powder is relatively low, and it is closely linked to the oxygen content in the material. In its annealed state, pure tantalum shows a Vickers hardness of around 140HV. One of its most significant properties is the high melting point, reaching approximately 2995°C, which makes it valuable for high-temperature applications.

    Unique Properties of Tantalum Powder

    Corrosion Resistance: A Lasting Advantage

    Tantalum powder excels in resisting corrosion, a crucial factor for products exposed to harsh conditions. This resistance extends the life and reliability of your products, ensuring performance in various environments.

    High Melting Point for Extreme Durability

    With a melting point among the highest of metals, tantalum offers exceptional durability. This feature is vital for applications in high-temperature scenarios, guaranteeing consistent performance where other materials might falter.

    Electrical Conductivity: A Boost for Electronics

    The excellent electrical conductivity of tantalum powder makes it a preferred choice for electronic components. Integrating this material means enhancing the efficiency and reliability of your electronic products.

    Customizable Particle Sizes for Tailored Solutions

    With the availability of various particle sizes, tantalum powder can be customized to meet the specific demands of your projects. This adaptability ensures you get the most suitable material for your application.


    Quality Control: Tantalum Powder Testing

    At our company, we take the quality of our Tantalum Powder seriously. It's not just about meeting industry standards – it's about exceeding them. From receiving raw materials to the final product, we ensure excellence. Here's an overview of the quality testing process:

    Chemical Composition Testing

    Consistency in chemical composition is key. We use EDX (Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy). This helps us analyze the elemental composition of the powder.

    Purity Testing

    Purity is vital for tantalum powder. We use advanced methods like ICP-MS and XRF. These detect even trace impurities. This step ensures our powder is as pure as possible.

    Particle Size Analysis

    Particle size affects how the powder performs. We use laser particle sizer. This accurately measures particle sizes,we ensure they meet the requirements for specific applications.

    Enhanced Microstructural Inspection:

    We regularly use Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). This lets us closely look at particle shapes and spaces. We do this to make sure everything meets our high-quality standards

    Moisture Content Check

    Moisture can impact the quality of the powder. We perform moisture content analysis. Techniques like thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) are used. This ensures the powder isn't compromised by moisture.

    Physical Property Assessment:

    Properties like hardness and melting point are tested. These are important for the powder's performance. They ensure the powder can handle the conditions it will face in use.

    Following ASTM Standards and ISO Standards

    Our testing aligns with international standards. We comply with both ASTM and ISO guidelines.


    Scanning-Electron-Microscopy (SEM)

    FAQs Related to Tantalum Powder

    • Why is Tantalum Powder Preferred in Electronics? 

      Tantalum powder is preferred for its reliability. It offers stable capacitance at different temperatures. It's also highly corrosion-resistant.

    • How Does Particle Size Affect Tantalum Powder's Performance? 

      Particle size is crucial. It affects the powder's flowability and packing density. Smaller particles are better for certain electronic applications.

    • Can Tantalum Powder Be Used in 3D Printing? 

      Yes, tantalum powder is being explored for 3D printing. Especially in medical implants and aerospace parts. Its biocompatibility and strength are key advantages.

    • Can Tantalum Powder Be Used in Coatings? 

      Yes, tantalum powder is used in specialty coatings. These coatings are applied for corrosion resistance and other protective properties.

    • How is Tantalum Powder Used in the Automotive Industry? 

      It's used in specialty alloys and electronics in vehicles. Its reliability under varying temperatures is a key factor.

    • What are the primary export markets for your Tantalum Powder? 

      Our main export markets include North America, Europe, Asia, and others, catering to diverse industrial needs globally.

    • How Do You Ensure the Traceability of Your Tantalum Products? 

      We assign a unique number to each batch of product and keep detailed records from production to delivery. When we send it out, we include a certificate that shows it's been checked and what batch it's from.

    • Can we test Tantalum Powder before buying a lot? 

      Yes, we can provide samples for testing before large orders.

    • Are there any trade rules for buying Tantalum Powder? 

      Yes, there are regulations, especially for military purposes. We follow all rules.

    • What is the lead time for Tantalum Powder orders? 

      It usually takes 3-4 weeks. Lead times can vary based on the order size and customization requirements. We work closely with our clients to provide accurate delivery timelines.

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