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    Vanadium Oxide

  • Introduction

    Vanadium(V) oxide (vanadia) is a brown/yellow solid, although when freshly precipitated from aqueous solution, its colour is deep orange. Because of its high oxidation state, it is both an amphoteric oxide and an oxidizing agent. From the industrial perspective, it is the most important compound of vanadium, being principal precursor to alloys of vanadium and is a widely used industrial catalyst.
    Material Vanadium Oxide
    Chemical Formula V2O5
    Color/ Appearance Orange-Yellow, Crystalline Solid
    Melting point 690℃
    Theoretical Density (g/cc) 3.36
    Z Ration 1
    Sputter RF
    Type of Bond  Indium, Elastomer

    Sizes & Purity

    Purity : 99.9%
    Size: Circular: Diameter <= 14inch, Thickness >= 1mm
    Block: Length <= 32inch, Width <= 12inch, Thickness >= 1mm


    1. Use in semiconductor, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and physical vapor deposition (PVD) display and optical applications.
    2. Vanadium oxide (V2O5) is used in ceramics, as a catalyst and in producing superconducting magnets.

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