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    TZM Alloy

    TZM Alloy
  • TZM Alloy
  • TZM Alloy
  • TZM Alloy
  • TZM Alloy
  • Titanium Zirconium Molybdenum

    TZM Molybdenum is an alloy of 0.50% Titanium, 0.08% Zirconium, and 0.02% Carbon with the balance Molybdenum. TZM Molybdenum is manufactured by either P/M or Arc Cast technologies and is of great utility due to its high strength/high-temperature applications, especially above 2000F.
    TZM Molybdenum has a higher recrystallization temperature, higher strength, hardness, good ductility at room temperature, and elevated temperatures than unalloyed Molybdenum. TZM offers twice the strength of pure molybdenum at temperatures over 1300C. The recrystallization temperature of TZM is approximately 250°C, higher than molybdenum, and it offers better weldability. In addition, TZM exhibits good thermal conductivity, low vapor pressure, and good corrosion resistance.
    TZM costs approximately 25% more than pure molybdenum and costs only about 5-10% more to the machine. For high strength applications such as rocket nozzles, structural furnace components, and forging dies, it can be well worth the cost differential.
    AEM developed low-oxygen TZM alloy, where the oxygen content can be lowered to less than 50ppm. With low oxygen content and small, well-dispersed particles that have remarkable strengthening effects. Our low oxygen TZM alloy has excellent creep resistance, higher recrystallization temperature, and better high-temperature strength.

    TZM Plate & Sheet 

    Specification: (0.1-40)mm x (50-600)mm x (100-1500)mm.
    Density: ≥10.1g/cm3.
    Tensile strength: ≥830MPa.
    Yield strength: ≥690MPa.
    Elongation: ≥10%.
    Hardness: HV240-280.
    Products are used as arc chamber parts in ion implanter, high-temperature furnace construction, die casting mold, and other fields.

    TZM Rod 

    Specification: Ф(15-100)mm x (200-1500)mm.
    Density: ≥10.05g/cm3.
    Tensile strength: ≥735MPa.
    Yield strength: ≥685MPa.
    Elongation: ≥10%.
    Hardness: HV240-280.
    Products are used as a connector of the rotary X-ray sputtering targets, high-temperature molds, furnace construction, and other fields.

    Chemical Composition of TZM

    Main Components: Ti: 0.4-0.55%, Zr: 0.06-0.12%, C: 0.01-0.04%
    Others O Al Fe Mg Ni Si N Mo
    Content (wt, %) ≤0.03 ≤0.01 ≤0.002 ≤0.002 ≤0.002 ≤0.002 ≤0.002 Bal.

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