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    Vanadium Wire

    Vanadium Wire
  • Vanadium Wire
  • Vanadium Wire

    Vanadium is a silvery-white ductile solid, insoluble in water. It is resistant to corrosion but soluble in nitric, hydrofluoric, and concentrated sulfuric acids. If it is confronted by alkali, it will be forming water-soluble vanadates. It acts as either a metal or nonmetal and develops a variety of complex compounds. It is nontoxic as metal.
    AEM provides vanadium products with high-quality and competitive prices.

    Vanadium Wire Applications

    • Aircraft structural material and parts

    • Chemical equipment

    Vanadium Wire Properties

    Material Vanadium
    Density 6.10-6.11g/cc
    Surface Polished
    Shape  wire

    Vanadium Wire Specifications

    Diameter Purity
    0.1mm 99.80%
    0.25mm 99.80%
    0.5mm 99.80%
    1.0mm 99.80%

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