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    Tungsten Rhenium Alloy

  • Description

    W-Re alloys are made form Tungsten alloy with 3%, 5%, 25% or 26% Rhenium, which become more ductile and machinable. With good electrical properties, W-Re alloys are widely used as high temperature thermocouple materials.


    Products Name Main Type Main Spec.(mm)
    WRe Thermocouple Wire WRe3/25, WRe5/26 Φ0.1, Φ0.2, Φ0.25, Φ0.3, Φ0.35, Φ0.5
    WRe Alloy Wire WRe3%, WRe5%, WRe25%, WRe26% Φ0.1, Φ0.2, Φ0.25, Φ0.3, Φ0.35, Φ0.5
    Sheathed WRe Thermocouple WRe3/25, WRe5/26 Used in vacuum, hydrogen and inert gases with working temperature range of 0-2300℃
    WRe Rod/Bar WRe3%, WRe5%, WRe25%, WRe26% Φ1-Φ35
    WRe Alloy Sheet/Plate WRe3%, WRe5%, WRe25%, WRe26% 0.2min x (10-350) x 600 max
    WRe Alloy Target WRe3%, WRe5%, WRe25%, WRe26% Customized as per requirement

    WRe Alloy Tube

    WRe3%, WRe5%, WRe25%, WRe26%

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