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    Molybdenum Rhenium Alloy

    Molybdenum Rhenium Alloy
  • Molybdenum Rhenium Alloy
  • Molybdenum Rhenium Alloy
  • Molybdenum Rhenium Alloy
  • Molybdenum Rhenium Alloy
  • Molybdenum Rhenium (MoRe) Alloy

    Molybdenum rhenium alloy serves a wide range of applications in electronics, furnace, joining, and aerospace industries. The refractory metals rhenium and molybdenum add both ductility and strength to suit customer specifications. It is a superconductive alloy with noble surface chemistry and a relatively high transition temperature.

    Molybdenum Rhenium (MoRe) Alloy Specifications

    Product Name Main Type Main Spec.
    MoRe Wire MoRe14%
    φ0.1, φ0.2, φ0.25, φ0.3, φ0.35, φ0.5
    MoRe Rod/Bar φ1~φ17
    MoRe Plate 0.2 min.×(10-500)×1000 max.
    MoRe Target Customized as per requirement
    MoRe Tube Customized as per requirement

    Molybdenum Rhenium (MoRe) Wire

    Molybdenum rhenium (MoRe) wire and molybdenum rhenium (MoRe) flat wire, made in AEM, provides a wide range of wire products to serve applications in major electronics products, thermocouples, high-temperature furnace parts, and welding requirements. MoRe47.5% wire is used in welding, electronics, and wire mesh grids for the aerospace industries.

    Molybdenum Rhenium (MoRe) Rod & Bar

    Molybdenum rhenium rod (bar) products are available in a broad range of sizes and customized solutions. Molybdenum rhenium alloys serve a wide range of applications in electronics, furnaces, joining, and aerospace industries.

    Molybdenum Rhenium (MoRe) Tube

    Rhenium and molybdenum add both ductility and strength to these tube products. Additionally, it allows the ability to make precise thin wall tube that provides more accurate temperature readings – while still exhibiting unparalleled strength. Molybdenum rhenium tubes are manufactured in a standard alloy of 47.5% rhenium, and 52.5% of molybdenum. It is preferred for many nuclear and aerospace critical applications, advanced electronics, new solar thermal management technologies, and selective medical device applications.

    Molybdenum Rhenium (MoRe) Sheet

    AEM offers molybdenum rhenium in plate, sheet, foil, and ribbon. Rhenium and molybdenum alloy increases both strength and ductility to plate, sheet, and foil products. Molybdenum rhenium foil and sheet are typically used to produce cathode emitters and various other electronic product applications. MoRe is also used to upgrade conventional applications in furnace parts and tool and feedstocks for the electronic and semiconductor industries.

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