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    Tungsten Plate

    Tungsten Plate
  • Tungsten Plate
  • Tungsten Plate
  • Tungsten Plate

    Tungsten mill products available from AEM include tungsten plate, tungsten sheet, and tungsten foil with many options on width, length and thickness. Pure Tungsten flat rolled products are fabricated from pressed and sintered powder metallurgy ingot. Tungsten ingots are first forged into block blank, and then rolled to tungsten plate, Tungsten sheet, and tungsten foil. We provide Tungsten plates with purity W≥99.95%, which are widely used in ion implantation, sputtering and coating, medical CT, electronics and vacuum equipment.
    Purity: W>99.95% (99.999% can also be achieved if special demanded)
    Density: >19.15g/cc
    Surface: Hot-rolled surface, cold-rolled surface, polished surface
    Flatness: <2%

    Tungsten Plate Applications

    Tungsten plate can be used to produce lighting source parts and electro vacuum equipments, and it can also be applied to electronics and semiconductor industries.

    Tungsten Plate Specifications

    Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
    215  <500 <500
    12  <500 <1000
    0.51  <500 <500
    0.30.5  <500 <500
    0.20.3  <500 <500

    High Purity Tungsten Plate


    Purity (wt%)

    Density (g/cm3)

    Grain Size (μm)

    Dimension (

    Ra (μm)





    Ф450 x 10






    Ф450 x 10


    Surface Treatment of Tungsten Plate

    1. Hot-rolled Alkaline Cleaning Surface 
    2. Electrolytic Polish Surface 
    3. Cold-rolled Surface 
    4. Machined Surface
    5. Polished

    Tungsten Plate Properties

    1. High Temperature Resistance
    2. High Hardness
    3. High Density 

    Tungsten Plate Package

    Tungsten plates are fragile and heavy, carefully handling is need. The standard package for tungsten plate product is wooden crate, so that the tungsten plate can be protected during handling and transportation.  

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