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    Electronic Packaging Materials & Heat Sink Materials - AEM Metal

    views, Updated: January 17, 2022 by aemmetal
    Power electronics and circuits produce a lot of heat when they work. Heat sink materials help to eliminate chip heat, transferring it to other media and keeping the chip stable.
    Molybdenum copper, tungsten copper, CMC and CPC materials, combined with low thermal expansion rate of molybdenum, tungsten and conductivity of copper heat, can effectively release the heat of electronic device and contributes to the cooling of IGBT module, RF power amplifier, LED chips and other products. They are thus applied as a metal substrate, thermal control and heat insulation components (heat sink materials) and the lead frame in large-scale integrated circuit and high power microwave devices.
    We can offer WCu, MoCu, CMC, CMCC and S-CMC finished and semi-finished products. And we can also provide these products coated with Ni, NiAu or NiAg.
    If you are interested in purchasing WCu, please click the link and get more information.
    If you are interested in purchasing MoCu, CMC, CMCC and S-CMC , please click the link and get more information.
    Also, we can provide electronic packaging paterials and other heat sink materials as below.
    Typical AlSiC Properties
    Materials Density CTE Thermal Conductivity Bending Strength
    g/cm3 10-6/K W/M·K MPa
    Al-55%SiC 2.95 9.0 200 >420
    Al-60%SiC 2.97 8.3 209 >380
    Al-65%SiC 2.99 8.1 210 >320
    The composite material of Aluminum silicon carbide is the aluminum silicon carbide ceramic and matal compound and then into new materials, with all the excellent quality of ceramic and metal. It has thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient and good stiffness, light quality, so it is the ideal powder electronic substrate material and substrate material. With the electronic chip, it can realize good match after welding.
    IGBT products by aluminum silicon carbide substrate encapsulation are widely used in high-speed rail, subway, and new engergy cars, wind power, welding robot, etc.
    Typical SiAl Properties
    Materials Density CTE Thermal Conductivity Bending Strength
    g/cm3 10-6/K W/M·K MPa
    36%SiAl 2.54 13.6 150 >460
    50%SiAl 2.50 11.0 128 >190
    SiAl can provide a better heat dissipation, can preatly prolong the service life of encapsulated power module, increase the reliability. Density of the material has light weight (2.4-2.7 g/cm3), high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, high stiffness, easy for machining, surface plating performance and good welding performance, good material density, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.
    In microwave power device, it is mainly used for electronic packaging, intergrated power module, the power electronic device such as T/R module. Using silicon aluminum alloy as base of electronic packaging materials, shell, the box body, cover plate are a good match.
    Typical Glidcop Properties
    Grade Electric Conductivity
    Tensile Strength
    Δb, MPa
    Percentage Elongation
    δ %
    Rm. 650 ℃ Rm. 900℃*1h annealing
    GM-1 90-95 350-450 270-360 10-15 55-70 55-65
    GM-2 85-92 450-550 380-480 7-12 65-80 58-72
    GM-3 80-88 460-580 420-530 5-10 78-85 65-75
    Aluminum dispersion copper has thermal conductivity and thermal expansion coefficient close to copper, but its high temperature strength performance is good.
    OFC Heat Sink
    Typical OFC Materials Properties
    Melting Point Softening Temperature Density CTE Thermal conductivity
    g/cm3 10-6/K W/M·K
    1083 150 8.93 17.7 391
    If you are interested in purchasing those materials, please submit your inquiry at You can also send emails to [email protected] and [email protected].
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